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What to look for the entertainment depends on what you personally fancy. Some will find entertainment visiting local contemporary clubs or pubs, some others will like to attend raves or electronic music festivals. Some other visitors could benefit from the variety of sports and adventurous activities possible here. Moreover, Peru has not yet developed much facilities for sports like skiing per say, and going to sky becomes a real adventure and a one of a kind entertainment. You could go to local theatre plays , the best are remakes of internationally acclaimed plays, adaptations to the most (as most of local tv entertainment and even literary editions or artistic trends). One of the finest and most 'sophisticated' entertainments in Lima is eating out, Peruvian cuisine and local gourmandize has increased exponentially during the past 20 years, and it is now an internationally acclaimed 'entertainment' for visitors wanting to experience other ways of pleasure than just sound or sports.
This month (july) the Peruvian Circus is performing, and in September Cirque de Soleil is coming for the first time. I don't recommend the zoo, called the Parque de Leyendas, as it is a bit sad and not well kept, but the Parque de Agua is a special place to visit at night, featuring some wonderful fountains creatively lit up. There is quite a bit of theatre, which can be discovered by going to most Wong's Supermarkets where they have ticket booths. MiraFlores has a great deal of typical entertainment, as does Barranco, where many bars and clubs are located. My recommendation is to get a couple newspapers on Sunday and check out the Entertainment sections. There are so many museums to see it's worth checking out at least one, like the Gold Museum. Also, you can ask at iPeru information booths which are located all around, in the airport, and at the Parque de Kennedy in MiraFlores. Perhaps you'd like to do a city tour on a double decker bus. Tours leave from Parque de Kennedy as well as the Plaza de Armas.
Its depends what would you like
You can go to Barranco, Miraflores or San Isidro to some pubs, bars o discotecs
In augost most people go to circus
There are some teathers, cinemas, museums

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