Snake varieties?

Do anybody know how many different snakes we can find on the island? How many are poisoned? Which is the most dangerous snake in Sri Lanka?


Country: Sri Lanka


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In srilanka we have many many varities of snakes. The most poisenous are about 20 types and 13 of them find salt water. They are called Hydrophidae.We find about 7 types in the land. They are Saw Scalle Viper, Russels viper,Common Crait, Ceylon Krait, Cobra, Srilanka coral snake, hump nose viper. Then there are other less poisenous like green pit viper, millards hump nose viper and Gloyds Hump nose viper.
There are 101 varieties of snakes in Sri Lanka and only six are poisonous. Another five are mildly poisonous. Out of 101, only 88 varieties of snakes live on land and the rest live in the sea.
Naya, polanga, mavila, karavalaya, ahetulla, diyabariya, Garandiya, Haldanda, pinbura, kunukatta,

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