Where is your favorite place to eat where you sit outdoors and watch the ocean?


State: Hawaii

Country: United States


It depends on which island your on. When I was in Maui I ate at Mama's Fishhouse, the food was amazing, the view of the ocean was of Hoopika near the town of Paia. I live in Oahu there are many, but I like Duke's due to the prices and local bands.
I adore Mama's Fish House. It is as close to perfection as I can imagine.

On the Big Island, I am still looking for exactly the right spot. Maybe it will be the Canoe House at the Mauna Lani.
I'm with Belinda. Duke's is one of the best places. Do try the Hula pie, really. It's worth the calories. However, there are a couple of other places that I would recommend on Oahu.

A quieter and cooler restuarant is the Hau Tree Lanai in the San Souci hotel on the Gold Coast. It is where Robert Louis Stevenson idled away the hours on a sultry hawaiian afternoon. It has a great view of the beach and the ocean, you are seated under a fabulously large hau tree and the food is fresh and tasty.

In the evening, twinkling lights really enhance the atmosphere with the sound of the waves gently lapping at the sand in the background.

One other fun place, and cheap, is Nico's at Pier 38 off of Nimitz Hwy. Great local music on Friday afternoon and fresh ahi plate lunch
You make me want to hop on a plane and go visit now! I will for sure Hau Tree Lanai on my list of places to go next time I am on Oahu, as much for the way you describe it as anything else. Mahalo!
My favorite would have to be Tiki's bar and grill because they have great food and a wonderful View of the Ocean.
I used to love their webcam but for some reason it is pointed at the asphalt street now!

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