I have been asked abouit Menengai crater and need more information about this place.Where is it situated ?What are the activities...

...offered there ?Is it the same as Mount Longonot ?


Country: Kenya


its an extinct volcano with striking views of lake nakuru and lake bogoria.its situated about 170kms from nairobi.the main activity is hiking,there is also a hot spring,bird watching,animals like the dik-dik,hyenas,baboons.there is a camp site at the edge of the crater called maili saba camp.
Dear Rashid:

Menegai Creater is suitated in Kenya's Rift-Valley Province. It is about 200 Kms from the Capital City (Nairobi) and less than 10 Kms North of Nakuru Town, which, is the provincial headquaters!

The area falls under the management of the Kenya Forest Service (KFS). They do charge Kshs. 300.00 per person (Non-residents).

It is a breath-taking scenery, depicting the marvels of mother nature - volcanicity etc. You may take a local guide to take you on a foot expedition into the creater's floor for a geographical and cultural lessons.

You will encounter some local community dwellers, whom have been practising "hunter-gathering" way of life since tim in memorial. They have co-existed with Nature since then!

Enjoy and welcome to our beloved country - "Our land of great diversity"

Thanks and regards,
The Menengai Crater is an extinct volcano, 8km north of Nakuru. You can get right to the rim and there are some great views to be seen over the forest below, and across to Lakes Nakuru and Bogoria (another place worthy of a visit, to see the lake and hot springs). There are also some (very average) craft stalls at the top, as well as a quite amusing signpost thing that was erected by the Rotary Club of Nakuru and declares the distances from the crater to various places in the world, including Mt. Kilimanjaro, Cape Town, London, Cairo and Mecca.
menegai crater in a volocanic crater in nakuru kenya. curently is a tourist atrraction since there is so many birds and vegatation. the crater is termed as doman. no eruption in the near future

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