Is there a Pullman bus that goes from Antofagasta to La Paz,Bolivia


Country: Chile


Hi, there are not direct buses from Antofagasta to La Paz, Bolivia. What you need to do is take a bus to Arica and then take a bus to La Paz.

The buses that go to La Paz are:
Pullman Bus (f:056-058-233837)
Buses Pullman Cuevas (f.56-058-2241090)
Chilebus (F:056-058-222817)
Trans Salvador (F:056-058-246064)
Bolivian Bus
Pullman Zuleta

There are two terminals:
Terminal Rodoviario de Arica
Av. Diego Portales casi esquina Santa María.

Terminal de Buses Internacional de Arica
Dirección: Diego Portales S/N (next to the other terminal)

Good Luck!
I would suggest the same as Daniela.
Take a bus to Arica and then head to La Paz.
A good option would be to know the altiplano, visiting Socomora, Putre, Salara de Surire and then National Park lauca. From there I can arrange a public bus that head to La Paz.
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