I would like your point of view!

I would like your point of view! If you were to get a tour around Nelson, New Zealand, what would you like it to include? Bars? History? Gardens? What time of the day would you like it to end and start? Late morning? Afternoon? evening? Appreciate any feedback.


Country: Brazil


Hi Melissa, thanks for the question, so you want abrazilian point of view about a visit to New Zealand???

We mostly answer questions about Brazil, but eventually we are crazy about NZ and we have guests from your country who use my tours and Rafa's tours, we work together here in Rio!
So many things we would love to do in New Zealand, and the first thing that come to my mind is ADVENTURE!!!

So we would take a full day as you are close to Abel Tasman Coast, and we would love to explore everything over there!
I have heard that in Nelson you have quite a vibrant night life, and this is all we like, and the great chance to meet the locals!!!

So a night tour would be something that you should organize!:)
I know that Nelson and Richmond are very romantic destination with a lot of gardens and very cozy caf├ęs, I would love to see all this.
We could spend the whole day following the course of Maitai River to the Sea, I would love to see also the Nelson's Queens Garden. Rafa is crazy about Botanic Gardens and we also love to see birds. This place is full of Nature!
Tahunanui Beach and Cable Bay must be fascinating!!!!
So many things to do around Nelson and Richmond...It is good also to stroll around Mapua and Motueka if you are an outdoor person...lots of incredible places for photography lovers!
Not to mention the rest of the country...New Zealand is way smaller than Brazil, but it offers as many great tours as we offer here in Brazil.
I think Brazil should promote more New Zealand for real travellers. And it should be nice if you could help to promote Brazil as a potential destination for kiwis, the aussies travel a lot to Brazil. And we should start working together to make people pay more attention about Rio and other places in Brazil!.
At also, I would love you to have a look at Rafa's blog, there you will know how we work, there are also some posting about my work with him!
If you ever come to Brazil be sure that we will be ready to welcome you and all your friends!
it is interesting. you want to visit kiwi country. kiakaha.
most of new zealand people are looking back to himalayas for adventure tour. himalaya mean nepal the place of mount everest.
if you have nything about adventure tourism to the himalayas ..... remember for more.
That is for sure, Nepal is way closer than Brazil for any kiwi!!! :)

The real truth is that kiwi people are wonderful travellers!
Well, Thanks Marcone to mention my name, you know, we love to travel together and also we love to help other people from all over the World, and it is always fantastic to make friends in New Zealand!
You said everything that we love to do in Nelson Area and I want to remember that NZ is a power in the World's Travel Scenery and also very popular among exchange students here in Brazil!
You said everything that we love to do in Nelson Area and I want to remember that NZ is a power in the World's Travel Scenery and also very popular among exchange students here in Brazil!
Never to forget that Nelson is very close to Wellington, the political centre of the country and also the National capital. The capital is very vibrant and all surrounded by very cool atractions!
For you to understand New Zealand you need to stay for at least one month!!! After exploring all Melissa's Territory, heheheheh, you can visit the city capital which is full of attraction itself, the harbour city is very interesting and then you can start visiting the surroundings like Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt, incredible places for hiking by the Hutt River.
Porirua is also close, and it has a wonderful rural scenery, not so far either you can see the Kapiti Coast, absolutely wild with breathtaking sceneries!
Wairarapa is the center of wine in NZ...I think it is the so called classic wine trail. So you have everything around Nelson Area. You can have all kind of landscape an
Jus one to complete...and different climates in just one country. And I do not even mention Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, Te Anau, Rotorua, Gisborne!!!
I wish Brazil could get to know more about New Zealand, it is one of the most fascinating countries in the World and it will always remain in my sacred TOP FIVE LIST!!!
New Zeland...when are you coming to Brazil!!! Come here Melissa, you will love the country!

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