good places to go in peru?

it will be in july, any suggestions on where to go, what to see, what to do? anyone know of a good guide or tours?


Country: Peru


Dear Ernie :

Peru is an amazing detination, if you want some ideas please see my web , if you need further information please email us to we will be glad to help and advice you.

In Peru you have highlands , beaches and jungle so depending how long you plan to stay here to decide what to do.

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if u come in july u should definnatle come to cusco for "La Virgen del Carmen" celebration in a town near cusco in PAUCARTAMBO, its amazing u wont regret it... music, typical dancing, party.. excelent for tourists
Hello Ernie! take a look of my profile, maybe u would find something and feel free to contact me if u r planning some help for ur visit!
The most interesting things to do and see in Peru are in the southern part of the country which is the most visited: islas Ballestas, Paracas, Huacachina and Ica desert, Nazca lines, Arequipa and Canyon de Colca, Lake Titicaca and islands, Cusco, the Sacred Valley en Machu Picchu.

You can add a trip in the Amazon near Puerto Maldonado, or a trip up north to Huaraz and Cordillera Blanca, the beaches of Tumbes and Mancora, ...

Peru has so much to offer: adventure, gastronomy, culture, archaelogy, history, nice people to meet, ...

If you want to have trekking and jungle trips exploring the Central Andes and Amazon Basin , come in this way. outside the gringo way !

LIMA - HUANCAYO ( 8 hrs by bus) but amazing landscapes in the route, is the same way of the train, the second most high in the world. also you can take this train with this link.

HUANCAYO : interesting city in the most biggest Valley in Peru. many identity cultures and good gastronomy. beatiful Andeans towns around the city. and only three hours to the jungle.


Beatiful travel in this litle towns bettewen Cusco.
You can to be the unique foreigner in many time !
Andean Culture, lovely people then want to show the peruvian culture.

Please contct to me.
I give to you many ggod alternatives for a Real travel Into the Wild Peru. look my profile !

Marco Jurado.
The highlights of Peru are:
On the coast: Paracas and Ballestas islands. Nazca lines.
On the mountains: Arequipa, Colca, Lake Titikaka, Cusco, Machu Picchu.
On the jungle: Puerto Maldonado rainforest.
If there is only one destination in Peru, then it must be Cusco. I can set you up with guides and tours. Contact
we can help you . im in a tour operator here in cusco. how long are you staying?
There are some nice suggestion in our website or email us to

please let us know if you want further info.


Jose Antonio
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Everything alright ? Well about Perú I can tell you that there are a lot of places to see , but I will mention only the most interesting or important all over the country
If you are looking after archeological places then you should visit the Nazca Lines ( Located in Ica ) they are truly amazing , of course then you should visit Cusco city , which has a lot of archeological places to visit including Machupicchu which is one of the seven world wonders . You can also take a look into The Manu National Park which has the biggest diversity of animals in the world. Its a quite nice place to go to.
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