I'm going to Australia in March 2010

Starting point Sydney, Leaving from Melborne 4 weeks later. Would like to drive hire a car etc travel by train , plane. Don't mine camping


Country: Australia


good idea, do u mind if i join u?
I recommend looking at or for car hire - they both have some great deals. Hope you enjoy your trip.
Hi. thanks for the question.

Could you be a little more specific in what you are seeking

what you would like to do and or see so that I can hekp you access the information you need a little more better - accommodations wise and travel wise - Sydney has the one train line to Melbourne and takes an overnight hourney bypassing most of the Australian bushland ( if you are hoping for camping ), and Sydney is approximately about a 15 hour drive between Sydney and Melbourne - and there are really only little country towns you could stop in and stay at rather than camp unless you stay at a truck stop for a Semi Camp

however if you could provide me with some more details of exactly what you want to achieve I can possibly point you in the right direction accordingly

Sincere regards


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