Moving to Thailand possible?

I have been in Thailand in 2002-2006 and absolutely in love with it. I would love to find a job there so I can stay. Can anybody help me and give me some advice??


Country: Thailand


If you can get a job that will support your work permit, yes, you can. Looking at your profile, are you a teacher ? There are lots of international school here that require certified teacher. If that's the case, there are lots of possibilities for you. Check the lists from here...

Good luck !!
The easiest work to find is teaching English and the best place to find jobs is on (everything you need to know,info about living, visas, lots of jobs advertised, and the perfect time to start looking is NOW as the school academic year has just ended so its the time lots of ads appear for teachers. Good luck, Jim.
It's depend on what province do you want to stay. If you want to stay in Phuket here is the good place to find job
Try this site.

I am based in Phuket. No one has asked whether you intend to start your own business, or not. The answers you have had concerning teaching, are all correct. If you are considering Phuket, the business association I belong to might be of interest (), many of our members; including me, have been through the mill and would be delighted to help with general information and pointers to help you set up, as well as a good source for networking. Do let me know what you intend.

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Please provide me the right one.

Thank you.
Thanks for you message. Am not interested in a teaching job, so I will definately have a good look at the website you provided. I a looking for a job in sales or marketing as I have studied International Business. Do you think there would be any possibilities in that field?
Thanks for you message. Am not interested in a teaching job, so I will definately have a good look at the website you provided. I a looking for a job in sales or marketing as I have studied International Business. Do you think there would be any possibilities in that field?
Apart from your teaching abilities your language skills could also be an extra advantage, if for example, you are keen on scuba diving and want to work in the Dive Industry as a Diving Instructor.
Yes there are some ways to achieve this,Teaching English as a second language is the most popular.What type of work are you in now?If you have a degree of any kind it would make it alot easier to get TEFL Degree (teaching english as a foreign language).There are also other avenues to pursue.
What is your Job Profile, what kind of job you are interested in, you can reply at
Yes the answer to your Q is teaching if you are a native speaker with a degree, next best is of course ,real estate, but please visit the sites you have been advised, work permit , visa ,before you intend to travel to be up to date ok,
Good Luck

Captain Michael
try this one
Please bear in mind that you have to pay money for these jobs and their contact details
what kind of job are u looking for? don't work illegal without work permit I was working with a WP then assigne to another place, my WP was on the process but even... I almost go to jail, bail 100000THB black list for 5 years... Be aware. Find a job it is not that easy as it's costing more and more for employer but teacher is probably the easiest way but cheap salary
Ok, yes you can get wok as a Teacher, however as many have stated, be sure to have all the relevant docs (Work Permit). If however you dont fancy the teacher route, there is work in Thailand, its just very hard to find. Register with JobsDB so at east you can scour on a regular basis and employees can find you, however, the chances of you finding work here whilst being in your home country is very slim, this can be enhanced by coming over on a long visit and start to network, either through Chambers of Commerce (who all have regular monthly network events) and your local contacts you can make. PLease bear in mind, your salary will be a lot lower than you are used to and try and find out what it is that you can give an employer that he cant get from local staff, natural english is not enough, what skills have you got that are in short supply or that you can pass on. Also, and this is a big one, being here on Holiday and working here are 2 different things!
Thanks for the info Steve. I have actually already been working and living in Thailand as a tourleader. Unfortunately due to the economics there are not as many trips as there used to be...
De antwoorden die je tot dusver gekregen hebt zijn meestal korrekt. Zorg er wel voor dat je altijd legaal bent, anders kan je in moeilijkheden geraken. Best is werk te vinden voordat je komt, zodat je met het nodige visa Thailand binnen komt (non immigrant visa).
Hello Michelle
If you come to Phuket as a teacher of english or other subject there are many jobs awaiting you.
Just give me a call and I can offer more direct help to you, for Phuket.
what kind of job you preferred??? coz in thailand there's a lot of job opportunity for foreigners.
I would love a job in sales or marketing..
Check out the functions in Bangkok, attend these and see if you can hook up with someone with your specility, then apply for a work permit if you have found something interesting. Otherwise, go for the easy teacher route
Hi there,
Firstly you have to find a job first in Thailand before you can apply for your work permit.
Also have to see what kind of job ur looking for in thailand. if most the western people they teaching english here in the international school.
Please do let me know what kind of job ur looking for int Thailand and I can let you know the website.
I recommend that you check first with the Thai Embassy on getting a visa. Don't forget that you need to apply for a work-permit for any kind of work you do. If you decide to work as a dive instructor or a teacher, don't forget that the Thai authorities are checking a lot on them regarding any kind of irregularities. Not having a permit can land you into serious trouble.
You can find lot of info on thaiforums like thaivisa
if you want to teach at a university check out I know that they are hiring if you are qualified.
i have a 10 us fee on e mail i wanna make money and not free adviser like most....
Hey I am on Koh Samui. I am a singer and an English teacher, Its not very easy to get work here right now as the economy is bad here too and tourism is down. If you can teach English you will need a qualification and make sure you get a work permit with your job. I dont know what else you can do, but I know others here who work for basic thai wages in hotels etc. You get about 10,000 baht per month plus basic accom and food. I dont know of any obs here right now. On this island its al about word of mouth and networking. Jobs are not usually advertised. I guess Bangkok is different and yo ucan always fly to the oslands at weekends if you get a mon to fri job there. Good luck!
Not easy but Thailand can always use some professional specialists.
Have a look at

good luck,

Hi Andre, dank voor website... hij doet het echter niet, kan je hem nog een keer sturen?? Dank!
Moving here is no problem, especially if you move to the South.
I live in HAT YAI, and there are more jobs than Teachers here.
Like everyone says it is difficult to get jobs here now and the pay is poor but if you are a female alone be careful.Also it is difficult to get working visas unless you have a real teaching qualification and if you have only a TEFL now many schools want a degree. If you want a TEFL course there are some in Bangkok over about three weeks, costs differ from school to school or you can try the online course at I TO I tefl online english. Best of luck but like others say its not like a holiday.
Teaching English is your best bet,,,, take a look at which features all the latest vacancies as well as all kinds of related information.
an other good website is:
Do you have a qualification that is recognised internationally? Teaching English, especially if you have a TEFL is the obvious one, other than that, possibly something in a hotel or tourism.
You can find a lot of info on thailandforums like thaivisaforum
There are marketing jobs and sales jobs available mostly in the tourist areas or Bangkok.The marketing jobs are mostly in tourist related industry and or magazines.The sales positions here seem to be in the property related industry.
There are marketing jobs and sales jobs available mostly in the tourist areas or Bangkok.The marketing jobs are mostly in tourist related industry and or magazines.The sales positions here seem to be in the property related industry.
There are marketing jobs and sales jobs available mostly in the tourist areas or Bangkok.The marketing jobs are mostly in tourist related industry and or magazines.The sales positions here seem to be in the property related industry.
Sawasdee kha....I'm studying at university in Nakhon Pathom in Business English major
ahh..nice to stay here again...sure you will love Thailand forever..haha
You should speak and write or read Thai as you will find a job in Thailand easier..Mostly foreiners can not speak THai or read Thai,they are a English that is so boring?

you can apply for International company or import-export company better....or up to your kha^^

Do want to study Thai language? Thammasat university (Thaprachan which is near the Grand Palace) has Basic Thai course for foreiners ..this is very interesting...try to look at will see on your right..look for ...(Basic Thai for foreigners) or you can contact 026132680, 026132608...those telephone numbers are Thammasat university's telephone numbers....
good luck
let's try , i think here is the largest database for job in Thailand where you could access to a big opportunities... Cheers! :)
English teaching is the easiest job to get hold of, and is what the majority of expats do for work here. Can you tell me your nationality, native language and what qualifications you have, and I'll try to point you in the right direction. Be warned, the global financial problems have hit Thailand, and certain areas of teaching are a little baron. Also, any preference of where in Thailand you would like to settle? Bangkok is, of course, where most of the work is.
Hi there,

Firstly u must have a job so u can apply for working visa and stay or if you have a Thai wife or girlfriend u also can apply for O visa which mean that u can stay and have to extension ur visa every 3 month. But is doesn't mean that u can find any girls and pretend is ur girlfriend tho!! Coz they will do history check!!
As what every was saying, would be easy to be here, you just need to know what you want to do... if your a qualified teacher or a degree holder then you can apply as a teacher.. if not then you will need to find a company that will support you.
Hi,I m Jicky.It's nice to know that you love my country but it's very difficult to get ajob here espectually the forienger like you so if you get work permit here you can work ans stay here or other hand,if you marry with thai lady and interesting to have own restuarant,you can do it!
I think the best thing to do is actually spend some time over here and do some networking. Something that really suits your abilities will always become available if you spend the time to dig deep.
Until now i guess you got many suggestions already.
here is my suggestion for more...

if you are not Thai then you must bring your full resume including your great experience in whatever your field. Marketing and Sales are welcome for every international companies.

Good Luck!
Of cause is possible to live in Thailand, but you need to have a job and that job must be good money for you to cover your expense here. About work permit and Visa most of company they take care of it. If you want sale and marketing job maybe you can check it out at Logans Thailand Company is a Real Estate Agency for Scandinavian and Europe people
Here it’s a company website
Good luck.
hello...That good to hear that you are in love with thailand..
ofcourse it possible to work in can work as a teacher,diving intructer,office work.
Also a very good source to find jobs in Phuket is the Phuket Gazette ()
Job market now in Thailand esp BKK is super slow... coz alot of companies are not willing to pay a farang work permit and they need to have certain salary benchmark to qualify for the work permit application under any coporation, But as for teaching in thailand is much easier... and lots of language schools / international schools reqiure foreigners.. some of my friends started in this mannier to get their job and expand their network in thailand.. while looking for yr ideal job that u want..
Like u I also in love with Thailand to spend my holidays.
I think u should search job site for Health Care Industry; specially MNCs in Thailand, as u have graduation in International Business.They have the opportunity in both sales & marketing.

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