would like to taste authentic Singapore home cooked food ....whats that ,thanks ?


Country: Singapore


Singaporean food is a very varied mix. Home cooked food depends on which home you're asking as even among the majority Chinese families, there'd be Hokkien style cooking, Cantonese style cooking, Teochew style cooking, etc. Thus, even among the Indians, there'd also be different styles and foods available, etc.

A good way to sample the different styles is to hit a hawker centre and order a smattering of foods from the various stalls therein. Then head to another one and do that again and yet again because each hawker centre will have slightly different things on offer although the more common dishes like chicken rice, wonton noodles, roti prata, satay, etc should be represented.

Websites such as might give an idea of where to find some of the better chicken rice, satay, noodle stalls and you can use that as a starting base. You can also ask Singaporeans you meet about their favourite places but be warned, you will either get a cold stare (Singaporeans can be very reserved about talking to strangers) or a very long discourse (we are also very passionate about food; travelling across our small island in search for that one stall and waiting an hour for that food to be served).

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