Hi Localytes, am sure you are all following the happenings in Kenya especially with the Sunday bombings.How best can we deal with this...

...pre-referendum period so as not to loose our tourist high season immediately after the World Cup stretching way into the Wildebeest Migration? How can we help our selves?


Country: Kenya


If handled not correctly it could lead to cancellations. I think the Ministry of Tourism has a responsibility to reassure the foreign enbassies here in Kenya that all is well and that the security will do its level best to uncover what really happened and make sure that it never happens again
basically the ministry of sports in Kenya is sleeping as it was not able to take advantage of the World Cup in Africa . The Ministry of tourism does not seem to have any new ideas, when presented with proposals , they normally ignore the requests.
I think the best way is to contact the ministry of tourism and advice them to contact the media houses. as much as kenyans want to know the truth they should also avoid negative publicity as this is the biggest threat to the industry. the ministry should also liason with the security forces and push for campaigns that will assure tourists of their safety in this country.
Those in the Government are not well focused with internal affairs someone somewhere is not doing his work so what they want is just get what they need instead of working for future of the country and its Generation so it is all about us who know what is to be done then we should wake up and do it before we loose our Beautiful Land Kenya............................................ Stay Bless..
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Hi there.Well your questions holds lots of concern even to us but I can assure you tourist and such occurences are two different issue and at the moment our Kenyan governement is following every slightest clue to bring the culprits to book.Welcome to Kenya, visit our parks. Parks is animals home and is always safe.No human congestion, traffic etc, it is safe, Karibu welcome.Cathy
As always the danger is only if you go looking for it! stay away from crowded areas and certainly do not go to any demonstrations. The media is responsible for making a bad situation worse. The best way to handle it is to not talk about it.
the beat is tell goverment to stop this camp of yes n no thing now until the right time comes and also to avoid this incidence near toust site and premises
Local Authority and Central government has much to do to calm down the anxiety. Moreover, local knowledge is important to show where to go and where not to.

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