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What would be the best way and mytransportation options for traveling from Managua, nicaragua to Liberia, Costa Rica.


Country: Costa Rica


You can either drive, take a bus or a plane between Managua, Nicaragua and Liberia Costa Rica.
By car it should take about 8 hours, by bus a little longer and by plane about 30 minutes.
TicaBus is the most popular and well known bus company that goes to both places.
i would recommend doing it by plane but if you want the trip to be less expensive you should take the bus, and that way you get to know the country and admire all the beautiful landscape.
ticabus takes 21 usd for the trip. they have an office in managua and granada. driving time is about 3,5 hours total. you have to pass the border, that takes between 1,5 to 3 hours depending on how much people there are there. when driving in a car make sure you have the paperwork to cross the border. no car normally has all the papers to cross. rentals are normally not allowed to leave the country. the bordercrossing in a bus is 3 dollars on the nica side, none in costa rica. you can also get a cab from managua to the border and then another one on th costa rican side. that should cost max. 150 usd total, depending on your spanish you can get it cheaper.

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Hi there! If you want to keep this at a more than reasonable deal, the cheapest way to do it, and with a great service, is using Nica Bus (its the same company as Tica Bus in Costa Rica. They provide very good service and if you take their "executive" pass you will be even more comfortable. On the other hand, if you prefer to do this the fastest way, then you can always do it by plane. Moreover, note that this is an International flight and thus costs are way up higher. Good luck finding the best deals!
Wow... lots of great answers so far... If money is a factor, by bus is your best bet but the time to clear immigration can add a significant amount of time to your trip. So if you're in a hurry and can afford it, flying is a great way to go... gives you lots of time to see the country when you get here! One thing you need to know though is that all incoming tourists to Costa Rica, need to have proof of an onward ticket... so you have to show them that you are eventually leaving before your 90 day visa would be up... a return bus ticket does the trick and costs very minimal cash even if you have to waste the return portion... Good luck and have a great adventure!
I assume you mean traveling by land. So Tica Bus would be the best option.
you can go with transnica, is a bus company transportation of first class buses, and the ticket cost like 20 dollars.
The bus is the cheaper option (about 15 $) and its ok, it lasts for about 4 hours. Or You can take the plane wich its more expensive (about 170$) and it takes maybe 30 minutes without counting the time en the airport. I think the best option is the bus.
You can take a plane... better service, but more expensive. There is also a bus company, so much cheaper.. called tica bus, you'll save money!!.. good luck!!
The bus company everyone is talking about...

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I recommend or
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You can take the bus from Managua to Liberia. The name of the 2 Bus Operators are: NICABUS or TRANSNICA. They help you out in order to get the paper work done at the border. No lines. Everything is arranged from the bus. The Terminal in Managua is very well marked in the center of the town. The bus has AC, Bathroom, Cooler with drinks, Guide, Nice sits, Very confortable.
They stop in Liberia at the Bus Station. Have a good trip.
Take a bus, is a great way to see the country and travel cheaper, airplane is ok but is a little expensive and you will not see all our beautiful country side. Good luck.
Hello Barry,
Try Ticabus or Transnica. They have daily services to Costa Rica and they stop in Liberia. If you can a afford a flight it will be nicer and faster. But I think the experience of the border will be interesting.
If you have time I would recommend you travel by bus, which is the best way to see both countries. You can either choose Tica Bus or TransNica (I heard it is cheaper and offers a better service)just remember to tell the bus driver you want to get off in Liberia. If you prefer to travel by plane check TACA airlines
I would most definitely recommend using either Ticabus of Nicabus from Managua to Liberia. They have an executive service that is very comfortable. Just be patient at the border, it often takes a while.
nica or tica bus is a real good opcions but if you like more fast nature air this small airline of costa rica can give the ride front managua to liberia airport and the you can take a taxi front liberia to hotel we have tramsportation if you like best regards

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