we need local guide service for a group of 6/7 .... 3 days in rome and 2 days in florence ...... we can pay about 100 / 120 euros per... ..... is it possible to have someone who can show us around for about 3 hrs a day ?


Country: Italy



we can offer you a personal guide for 120 euros per 3 hours service per day

To conclude your request please send us an email at

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Greeting from Roma.
PLease let us know when you're arriving and exact number of your party so that we see how to organise it and match your request.
Nancy Aiello
I can help you with a guide in Rome - please send me an email to
I am an archaeologist..I can guide you to archaeological sites in Rome as the Palatine, the Roman Forum, Colosseum...
3 hours tour (half day) is about 120 Euro if you want to contact me you can visit my web site
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Claudia Pinci
it's Vincenzo, art historian and licensed tourist guide from Rome. I'm available to be your guide in Rome. If you are interested, please e-mali me at

Waiting for your reply.
i can help you with private tours in Rome - very good with very reasonable prices - just contact me on
I will be glad to show you around Florence if you'd like a walking tour! 100Euro per day is just fine.For the second day, i wouldnt charge 100Euro again; something much less!However, if you are looking for a historical type tour where you can learn about the in-depthhistory of Florence, I wouldn't be able to help you with that. If you want to see the beauty of Florence, taste the best gelato, go to places many tourists may not know about, I'm the one! my email is if you'd like to email me personally!
for the alternative tours I offer in Rome you may visit my website . as you can read my fee is 180 Euro for a 3 hour tour. If its is not really hot season I may ask you only 150 for 3 hours. You may chose the itinerary you prefer.
I sent you a message regarding tours. I can offer you a 15% discount and I can also offer you tours in Florence.
let me know how the exact day you want to arrive , you can contact me through

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