Is the Kente industry dying as a tourist attraction in Ghana?


Country: Ghana


This cottage industry business very lucrative for the people of Agbozume, Bonwire and Kpetoi, towns mentioned in alphabetical order, is dying slowly though the trade is applied in almost all the remaining 8 regions of Ghana.
Those were the years when kente could send people to school at ease because there was ready market. Those were the years when one could travel abroad for the sole business of its ready market. Those were the years that Kente could put a square meal on the table of its craftsmen and women because of available market.
Firstly, imitation has not dealt kindly to this beautifully woven and designed fabric in cotton and or silk.
Secondly, marketing which should let the outside world know of this unique product has been hijacked by others.
Thirdly, competition for cheap products is a factor because kente cannot be cheaply priced like other fabrics. Like a very good and quality wrist watch it cannot come cheaply.
And so on your way around the world if you come across this beautifully designed fabric in strip or stole; queen size or king size woven in different colours, remember Agbozume, Bonwire and Kpetoi, towns in Ghana a land of gold, diamond, timber, tourism and now oil. Wait a minute, a land of 23 million soccer coaches…accommodating and friendly despite all odds.
That will be great and one of the best for the industry.Thanks.
No, it exists but underexploited.
Good,there is hope for the future.Thanks.
No.It still sells a lot .There are a lot men and women who sell quality kente cloth to their customers.The most important aspect of the business is marketing.If you can link up with buyers and customers then you are in good business.
Straight to the point.Thanks
no the Kente Industry is not dying. it is rather growing. Because more style is being added to it.
Encouraging and thanks.
no, is still up because both local and foreigners still buy them.
It is good to note that,thanks.
Does no one realise that this is an attempt by the questioner to amass points?
Anyway, the industry in the past years has suffered due to the availability of cheaper alternatives such as printed versions etc.
The authenticity of kente has however not been lost, and people who can afford it still seek out the original.
We should bear in mind that, even in the old days, few people could afford the beautiful fabric and thus the current sales are not affected.
Tourists however who seek the original make sure they acquire it. There are however a few who you see going around with the cheap alternatives especially as scarves or stoles.
The industry still flourishes, and until a survey is undertaken, the exact status cannot be ascertained.
A very good answer but for the first paragraph. "The industry still flourishes, and until a survey is undertaken, the exact status cannot be ascertained",I like that and so it is a serious topic to discuss.
The kente industry is not dying as plans are underway to build museums to make the industry very vibrant.
yh b'cos most of the people offering that service dont hv the enougdh capital to improve the business,due ,to that ,most of the hv set their mind to orther business that can improve their life.
Trying moments,capital,capital,capital indeed.Thanks for the frank answer.
Dear Jonas, the kente industry is not dying in Ghana. Instead, the producers have decided to limit the production to maintain it's value among African folks. This also to prevent imitation as it was becoming widespread.Visits to the historical kente weaving town of Bonwire will provide an awesome site to any tourist.
Hi El,a visit to Bonwire is most appropriate.I will do just that as soon as possible.Thanks for the info and all the best for the kente industry!!!
kente industry never dies. It is all about creativity. The Volta and Ashanti Kente is still in Vogue. Check the double and triple weave types, very authentic and much treasured
Reassuring info,thanks!

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