do you have active valcanos in New Zealand

Can we go & see them


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Yes, yet not very active!
Yes there are active volcanos search Mount Rouapehu something like that I cant spell it but it has been active in the last few years with eruptions. There is also the very !!! active always....... volcano on White Island which is just off Auckland..... if your near Taupo you should go to Craters of the Moon you can see boiling mud pools and steam coming out of the earth and I think its free and its really awesome !!! its not volcanos but its really exciting and sometimes the mud pools are boiling and exploding mud everywhere !!
Yes there are active volcainos here in New Zealand. The biggest ones are in the central North Island, so you can take state highway 1 to Waiouru and you can check out the area there. You can also go up the road to the Taupo volcanic zone where there is boiling mud pools, but the best place for volcanic activity is Rotorua about an hour and a half drive north of Taupo. You can also check out Auckland where there is a field of about 50 volcanoes although they haven't been active for about 600 years.
Tongirrio is your best bet for active volcanos . In the summer you can do the crossing and walk over and thru two active volcanos. The White Island volcano is almost always smoking and they have flights from Rotorua that take you over it too. Also scenic flights are available over Ruapehu most of the year weather permiting. Rangitoto Island in Auckland harbour has walks to the top and views of the city are awesome.
By far the most active is White Island off the East Coast of the north island - accessible by boat and helicopter and rather spectacular. We recently featured this in our magazine Let's Travel
As you can see, New Zealand does have volcanos and yes you can see them as they are not very active.
The most active volcano to date is on White Island in Bay of Plenty, North Island and they have tours available to have a look.
None on the mainland. There are still geothermal areas mainly around the Taupo/Rotorua area, an active volcano to visit is White Island. This is over 100 km off the bay of plenty.
Do you have active volcanoes ?................We do have active volcanoes in new zealand but most of our volcanoes are dormant at the moment. White Island off the east coast of the north island is active. You can catch a ferry from Tauranga and also from Whakatane to get a close up view of this island. For those with a bit more money to spend you can catch a plane from Tauranga to circle over White Island and get a good birds eye view. You cant land on there without a permit. Most are scientists and researchers.

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