Hi All I need to know to know definitive if tourists from Argentina need the Egyptian Visa Entry before coming or they can have it... in the airports like many others Enjoy your time Jack


Country: Egypt


they have to getr the visa before arrival.....
It's so easy to get visiting visa for Egypt as we are tourist country,,,
just you need to apply from your country in the Egyptian Embassy there and you will get it...
Wellcome to Egypt...
i think they have to contact the Egyptian embassy to get the visa
Well Jack I don't speak Arabic well enough to be able to make the phone call for you but I can find several 2010 websites that say Argentinians can get a visa on arrival - for example

Maybe call the Argentinian Embassy, they would know the requirements for their citizens I'm sure

Embassy of Argentina in Cairo, Egypt

Saleh Ayoub Nro. 8, Zamalek

I don't know that anything is ever definitive in Egypt :-)

Hope this helps

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel
It's pretty good answer :-)
hi its a very good answer
jack voy a llamar l'embajada de argentina y te respuesto
saludos de egipto
Hi Jack
Have a nice day
You can get it from the airport directly
for more info visit
u can get it at the airport entry visa for 15$
yes you can buy the visa in the AIRPORT
plz visit my web site
dea jack1
pls check my answer with chile people itis just the same upon arrival for sure i meetand assist south americans no problem at all with visa ( i checked for you with the cops of the passportcontrol ... up on arrival 15 $


nader hosni
it's easy to take it from airport
hi jack as promissed i called the argentinian embassy they said u can get the visa from the airport for 28 or 26 $
hope u enjoy ur time in egypt and tell me what is your interest to tell u where to go
easily you can get one from the airport...
thats my email ..if you want to ask about any thing ..wish you nice time :)
ask the egyptian embassy.

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