I'm headed to Breezy Point!!! but want to see NYC also

is it difficult to get to Breezy Point from Newark airport? I want to see NYC too, should I stay at hotel in NYC for a few days or can I communte from Breezy Point into the city? Thanks!


City: New York

State: New York

Country: United States


You may know this but just for information purposes, NYC is comprised of 5 Boroughs (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island). Manhattan is the most popular and Brooklyn is the most highly populated of the Boroughs (Boros).
Breezy Point is a section (neighborhood) in Queens and is approximately 22 miles from Manhattan (Theatre District, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Lincoln Center, Village, Soho, etc). Similarly Breezy point is about 30 miles or 45 minutes travel time to Newark Airport (located in Newark, New Jersey.

You did not state whether you are going to Breezy Point to visit friends/relatives or for business or the extent of your stay. Accordingly, my advice would depend upon your reason for going to Breezy Point and the length of the your stay.

If I were visiting and staying with relatives/friends in Breezy Point, I would certainly have no qualms about commuting into Manhattan for whatever reason. However, if I were in Breezy Point for business, I might elect to stay in Manhattan (fun and excitement) or stay in Breezy Point (get down with business) and that advice could also depend upon budgetary concerns, if any.

If you're arriving during the week, you could always take care of business during the day and travel to Manhattan at night (from Breezy Point). If you're staying over a weekend, you might want to stay in Manhattan Friday night and Saturday night, etc, depending upon your mode of transportation (car, underground, etc).
You do not say which "Breezy Point" you are talking about. I was assuming you meant the one on NJ, the beach. If that is the case, from Newark airport, Manhattan is one direction and Breezy Point is another. It is also a few hours drive into NJ so it wouldn't be convienent to stay in Manhattan and commute. If you are talking about Breezy Point, NY, then see the other persons response.
It is relatively easy to get to breezy point, however i hope you are not referring to breezy point campgrounds which is much further.

The best option if you do not mind taking an extra train would be to get a place in Newark, hotels are much cheaper here than manhattan or queens. You coulduse priceline to get some great rates
yes it is pretty far you there is macarthur airport in huntington which is alot closer to breezy point
To clarify, I'm staying with friends on breezy point (outside of queens?). I a
there for 3-4 days only but would like to make 2 trips into manhattan to see museum and a show.

How do I get from airport (newark or lga) to breezy point?
How do I get from breezy point to manhattan and back?
Are taxis my only option?

Much appreciated!!!
Well since
u will staying with friends I
definitly recommend u stay in
brezzy point and expirence the full affect of bein a ny'er bycommuting via mass transit. But do remember tht all 5 boros have alot to offer. But if u
can find a good priced hotel n the city then by all means take advantage of being able to stay n time sq or on 34st. Since LaG airport is n Qns already brezzy point is hop skip and a jump away u hve nothing to worry bout. LaG is only 15 mins or less away.
Newark is bout 35-40 mins cause thier is always traffic lol
You may get mesmerized by staying at Breezy Point right on the Atlantic Ocean and find no reason to leave.
Everything about your inquiry is answered by, "It depends."
Newark Airpoint to Breezy Point is a long hike. Try landing at JFK International Airport. It is right next to Breezy Point. A Yellow Taxi from JFK would be about $ 30.00. It would take less than a half hour.
You are going to love Breezy Point this time of the year until late October.
Drop your luggage in Breezy Point then book to NYC via a Commuter Bus to the Big Apple. I believe a Command Bus is the name of the bus from Breezy Point to NYC.
Not sure about the trip from Newark, but it looks like once you're in Breezy Point you can take a day trip into Manhattan via the New York Water Taxi, from Riis Landing to Pier 11 (Wall St) in lower Manhattan--1 hour each way, leaving in the morning (7:30 am) and coming back in the evening (5:40 pm).

Might be a relatively scenic way to make the trip!

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