Hi fellow locaytes, has any of you done a night city-tour? would you recommend it as part of your package for group of about seven...



Country: Kenya


Hi SunRays, A night city tour is good and more risky as compared to a day tour. Depends on how old the group is. Perhaps you'll take them to different night clubs (club hopping) as there are not many places to visit at night.
it depends where in kenya you want to the city tour . in mombasa i would recoment tour of mombasa town . but through the ocean their is a trip called mombasa by night you sail to the old part of mombasa then yu walk through the old town and come out at the fort jesus and their is a light show then diner in the fort after diner you can be taken to the casino or back to the hotel...
hi . if you concider a night tour do not do it in nairobi. concsider saftey for your clients and recomend a day tour.
It is not much safe , but it can be done by clubbing but then it will be extra expensive because you have to use ataxi
Yes within Nairobi in Kenya. It is the best experience ever with all the night clubs and food joints open 'till morning. You would not be able to see all the game parks not operation at night. It is a lot of fun though and Open Kenya Homes can provide both the transportation and accommodation. Karibu Nairobi (swahili for welcome to Nairobi)
How best could i describe a tour by night of Mombasa ? You have different possibilities of enjoying this night time out here in Mombasa. You could either start with a delicious diner at the Tmarind Restaurant eitherby Dhow or just just overlooking the creek at the terrace.Good food..sea name it ...lobster , crabs , calamari or the delicious gambas !!or the tour with the dhow which takes you to the ancient portuguese fort and then back to the Nyali bridge and beyond where you dock and start having your diner. On board a group of locale musician enchants you with their music.
After the diner you can opt to go to Town center to get an idea of how Mombasa ny night looks like. A place in the middle of town , Casablanca is not to be missed , the place is set on main Moi avenue where all converge for good music and also for dancing.You could then proceed to Florida Nightclub .. a place known to attarct all the sailors passing through Mombasa . A good place indeed set just on the shores of Indian ocean. Good music and and dancing mood engulfs the area. There is also a Casino where by anyone can try his bet.If you want to explore the town even more...Pirates ushers you to the beach with mixture of local and european clientele also you will enjoy yourself and the place is set on the north coast where by if tired you could as quickly drive back to your hotel....It is better to organise this with your own transport where by you can rent the car with a driver in that you dont have to drive yourself for the whole night asd you move from one area to another !!
You are sure to enjoy yourselves with this programe...other wise Jahazi marine also offer a faboulous diner at the old fort in the old town and then proceeding to the night clubs as mentoined.
no for now, but i can find out and answer you in details soonest.
No, I won't recommend a night city tour in Nairobi
I would not recommend it at Nairobi or Nakuru. It is a bit risky and you will be required to involve the security escorts. However, you can have a night out to the local night clubs where your guests can enjoy the local drinks, foods and entertainment.
not in nairobi,its too risky but mombasa its possible.
yes of course i have done it before, would u like it to go on city tour, please u want Email me rightway

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