Hi all I want to ask about where can i buy the cloth of riding horses , i mean if you know where in Cairo can i find the wears of...

...the horse riding sport , i asked in the horse riding clubs including Gezira club but no one give me an answer , if you can provide with telephone No. this will be great Enjoy your time Jack


Country: Egypt


hi Jack,
i guess you will need to go and ask the people from Nazlat Al Saman,for sure they know where you can get it.
Dear Jack!
Actually one of my best friends has lots of horses and even arabian horses and he knows every single detail about horses in Egypt so I will give you his number his name is Hashem but try to wait till tomorrow 5'ish so I can give him a heads up about ur call...if u need anything else I can help out with dont hesitate to ask.
+2 0105007211
you do not need a special wear for riding horsees
Riding equipment and apparel are available at Alfa Market in Giza and Zamalek (upstairs from the supermarket) and from Equicare in Zamalek. You can have boots custom made at Al Aziz in Zamalek

You can browse the Equicare site here

and contact details are

2 Bahgat Ali St.
Zamalek, Cairo
Tel: 02-27356939
Fax: 02-27354348

Hope this helps

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel
u can buy it in the most pazars where u can found thousands of them in giza

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