Hello, on 13 of April i'm going to Rome and a bit to the south (Naples) and then up to the north (Siena, Florence, Venice, Verona). I...

...wanted to ask what kind of clothes i should take according to the weather. Seriously, i got no idea how warm it is usually in these places in April, cause i live in much colder weather zone.


Country: Italy


well, it is spring here in rome, but it can also be cold. during the night around 10degrees and by day also up to 20 degrees C.
In April the temperature is a bit tricky. You should bring light clothes for the day time and a sweater and jeans jacket for the evening. Comfy shoes for sightseeing are always the best way to walk around. Don't forget that there's a strict dress code when visiting churches and the vatican museums.
Nancy Aiello
Spring clothings will be perfect!
Buy some clothes on place, after the weather, if you need it.
Bye bye
in this period i suggest to take a woollen pullover with you, but also cotton clothes.....
it'a a strange period, sometimes with difference between the lowest and the highest temperature in a 24 hours period.....

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