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Me!!! I am just a tour guide because it is my hobby!!!
I am kidding...first, all the best for all people in Sri Lanka!!!

I think the richest man of Brazil, is a person called Eike Batista, google him and you will know more about him!

He deals with the oil industry but he is also present in the hotel business!
He is probaly one of the top 20s richest men in the World! :)
Marcone and Jim are right!!! Eike is the king in Brazil, there are also some important rich men here in the Cement Business, Antonio Ermiro is one of them!
And who is the reachest man in Sri Lanka?
We don't have Dollar Billionaires living in Srilanka but the richest man is Harry Jayawardena
Priyanga, please tell Harry that he must visit Brazil, Myself and Rafa will be pleased to welcome him in Rio de Janeiro, I am sure he will make a lot of investiments here and he could find a way to make Sri Lanka popular in Brazil.

Send him Rafa's blog,
Rafa is a real ambassador (very informal one) of Brazil and he explains better than anyone about Brazil.

Besides he has 10 years of experience in travelling all around Brazil, his email is
I am very honored to work with Rafa, and we are always ready to welcome all visitors in Rio de Janeiro!
Thanks dear for everything Harry is not a friend of mine if he would have been I would have come to Brazil with him I like to see Brazil
Priyanga, I really want to promote Sri Lanka in Brazil, actually I got an email from Ceylon Voyager by someone called Perere, have you heard about it???
Actually, there are some exclusive travellers in Brazil that would find a trip to Sri lanka quite interested but I am sure they do not know anything about your country in the way I do, actually I am crazy about all tea produced in Sri Lanka!

I know you have exuberant jungle and breathless beautiful beaches and such a fascinating fauna!
Dear Rafael Sri Lanka is rated one of the most diversified countries in the world in Srilanka we have very good history of 2500 years even a person can see the whole country with in one month we have sandy beaches,lush green around country,so many rivers,old kingdoms ruins, a very nice place to do bird watching, whale watching,river boat rides, water rafting, camping, to spend a honeymoon & much more.

If you have tourist from Brazil I can organize hotel bookings,tours,excursions,airport transfers to suit individual budgets if you are interested please write to me to my email:
Thank you, Pri!!! :)

You are now my ambassador in beautiful Sri Lanka!!!

Marcone and I are very pleased to be in touch with you!!!
So great to know that we are exchanging wonderful information and that we can do something to help your country to be at least considered in Brazil!!!

Rafa and I we are in the mood for that!!! :)

We love new cultures and love to promote other countries here in Brazil as well. SRI LANKA SEEMS TO BE AN INCREDIBLE START!
I am glad to see your comments traditionally our people are regarded as the most friendly people in the world & still we maintain that there are very few people coming from South American countries so we welcome to Srilanka
It will be very important for us to promote your country in Brazil, let's just find the way!
(Eike's NOT listed here)
(but here he is):

definitely the richest man in Brazil and in my opinion the most intelligent one is Eike Batista who made his fortune at a very young age .
Just waiting for some years more and LULA, our president who really looks for the nordestino people, will be in this list!
Lula is not a poor person anymore!
Eike Batista...I wish he could be my husband!
Eike, pety he is not gaucho! hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha
Paulo Maluf, he might be richer than Eike but using VERY different ways.
Ummmm Eike Batista
Eike batista
eike batista
eike batista
Eike Batista for sure!

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