Hi, can you tell me about prices in Brazil? how much does a hotel cost, how much a meal, a trip? are there big differences between...

...Rio, Sau Paulo and other places? when is the best time to travel to Brazil? how much money you need if you want to stay there a month? is it ok to travel in July/August? are the pices higher at that time? is it safe for a European to travel?


Country: Brazil


Prices in Brasil is pretty in line to what you find abroad: hotels range from US$ 70 to US$ 300, a meal about US$ 15, tours vary from US$ 40 to US$ 150. July and August is our Winter here, but it's not that cold. In July prices are slightly higher because it's high season. It's as safe as anywhere else in Europe, you just have to be careful as you are in Europe, the major difference is that in Brasil we don't have terrorist attacks as you have in Europe.

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Prices vary by region and even by city or neighborhood. July is usually high season all over. It will be from cool to cold in the South and moderate heat in the Northeast, and hot in the NOrth.
Hi ! Ýou´de better look for a hostel in Rio, you cand find a shared room for 15-20 dolars a day. Or share an apartment if you come with friends. And have a good lunch for 6 dolars (not fast-food !) And dont´t forget to contact me before arriving in Rio !!!
There´s no bad time to come here, but in Jan/Fev it gets very hot full of backpackers. July/August are nice too.
And take care of your belongs as in all metropolis in the world !
Prices vary depending on where you are - Rio and São Paulo are more expensive for some things than places in the north east. Interior, smaller towns that don't get a lot of tourist traffic are generally cheaper. If you think in terms of Euros, it's not too terribly off the mark from what you may be used to if you are from England.

It is winter time here in June and July. If you travel before the 20th or so of June, it is generally cheaper to get here than after that date. Depending on where you go, you will need to keep in mind the weather. For example, here in Salvador it rains a lot during these months, average temperature around 23 Celsius (about 70 Fahrenheit), while farther south it can be as low as 8 Celsius and many places do not have heating.

As to if it's safe, if you keep your wits about you and are aware of your surroundings and do not take unnecessary risks, you should be perfectly fine traveling here. There are some things that one should not do here that perhaps you would be accustomed to doing as a tourist - walking around the city with a large professional camera hanging around your neck is generally not a good idea.
Hi Joanna,

Since you have a tourist guide license and have travelled a lot, I assume you are not a novice. This is a Bonus when considering wandering off the beaten track, which I highly advise when you come to Brazil.

Why? The real Brazil does not happen in the mass tourism spots.

So, off to your questions:

- Is it safe? Yes, very safe, specially the hinterland, the backcountry. Avoid tourist traps in big cities like Rio by staying with the crowd... and following your hotel reception's advice.

- July/August - Time to come? It is our winter. Expect to see some rain in the Northeast, although it never gets really cold. You hardly need long sleeves in the Northeast. In the Southeast it is the dry season, which is good for backcountry excursions to parks and waterfalls, and even sightseeing in historical cities like the ones in Minas Gerais or the Pantanal with its low waters. Although July is our typical school vacation month, it is not as crowded, nor has such inflated prices as in January. August is better. But then again, if you are looking for a crowd to mingle at night, you'd be better off in July.

- July/August - Prices - Somewhat inflated, but not as it would be in January.

- Prices for hotel, meals, trips - They vary considerably, immenselly. If you come to Rio, expect almost European like prices, everything according to its respective category, from hostels to 5 stars. But if you venture into the backcountry, you can have a hearthy meal for 3 to 5 US$ in decent local restaurants, serving typical food. The same is valid for hotels, which can be found easily at US$ 25/per night in clean decent little hotels.

- Best time - Avoid from Christmas till past January. I could not tell you to avoid carnival... although it gets crowded.

The answers are very open, since we are a continental sized country. If you have an idea of your itinerary, please post.
Here in Salvador, the third most populous brazilian city, you can find hotel prices from $40 to $300 dollars. Salvador is a beautiful city, with lots of beaches, and has some similarities with Rio, we are known as the Brazil´s capital of happiness. You can find meal prices from $5 to $30. At least in Salvador, anytime you come it´s a good time, because we have high temperatures and sun all over the year... And yes, it´s safe if you´re careful, as anywhere else...
Hi Joanna! It's a quite good option to visit North-Brazil in July/August because its our winter and therefore not so hot as in summer. On the other hand the south of Brazil can be very cold in winter. To give you an example: here in the south, in Curitiba, where I live, we often have temperatures of 0°c, and in Bahia, about 2000 kms to the north 25°c. With concern to money needed, it depends on where you want to stay, 3, 4 star hotels or simple guesthouses, called pousadas, or even youth hostels. Are you traveling as a backpacker or with an organized tourist tour... I made the experience that you will need more or less a third of the amount you would need in Europe. As I said, it depends how you travel. In the great cities, like Rio the prices are higher than in the countryside. My family with kids and friends are coming to Brazil in July, we are going to Bahia and we calculated that everyone would need about 700 - 1000 Euros, including hotel and breakfast. If you precise the region you want to visit I could give you more detailed answers. Meanwhile enjoy the planing and welcome to Brazil. N.B. It is as safe in Brazil as it is in Europe if you observe some important points: leave expensive jewelry at home, dont show you have much money with you, etc... Abraços, Thomas
Hi, Brazil is continental country. In the south, July and August, don't are good season to go. We have hotels with good prices between USD 50-100. The good meal are USD 15-20 for meal. I suggest you go to South Brazil, between November-april, we have a lot of beautiful beachs and good services (hotel, restaurants). i suggest you read about Florianópolis, the Party place to go for New York Times.

Hi Joanna! I will try to help you! Well the cost of life in Brazil is very cheap ... The three stars hotel it costs approximately U.S. $ 100.00 per day or $ 43.5 U.S. dollars or 33.6 Euros! But if you prefer you can rent a apartament is R$ 1,000.00 (Entire Month) or even as a third option you can stay in Hostel ... It costs R $ 30.00 includes breakfast and comfortable double rooms!
There are several restaurants and the dishes range from R $ 7.00 to 10.00 the same for the dinner!
As part of security we are not the White House but we are not in the Gaza Strip! There are dangers as anywhere in the world but you can be sure it is not dangerous as they say ...
I live in Copacabana Beach and is always happening here several events like the Rolling Stones concert and Recently Madonna's tour and we did not have any security problems!
Well i hope you enjoy your Brazilian tour and if you have any doubt ask me!
It depends on your budget! Best Regards (this answer qualifies for the best answer ever at localye!!!),
Hi there.
Well, in Brazil, like any other big country concentrates the higher competition at the biggest cities, which in here are São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and depending on your budget you can find places to share like hostels for about U$15 per day, but the average cost of a 3 stars at the beach could cost about U$150 till U$ 200.
If you decide to go to the warmest areas which are at the northeast, like Recife, Porto de Galinhas, Maceió, Natal, Fortaleza than the southeast.
Very good meals cost about at nice restaurants cost form U$ 10 to U$ 25 à la carte or self service.
Here near where I live the are buggy tours for the whole day that from U$ 30 to U$ 60 depending how far you’d like to go, or with air-conditioned cars.
Horses for the day for just U$ 25 to go around the dunes and many other options.
Let me know where you come from and I can give you better tips about my great country.
Bets of luck and welcome.
Rio And SP are more expensive.
NOrdest of Brasil is cheaper and wild.
You can go to expensive restaurants and Hotels or cheap, depends...1$US = 2,40 $Reais. I think Brasil good for adventure, if you want to spend only e few dollars is better Republica Dominicana...
Mi mail is . Do you speak spanish?
It depends pretty much on what kind of tourist you are but, if you want, you can have a good lunch for less than 10 dollars. july is vacation time here, so things might be a little bit more expensive, but nothing you could not afford if you earn in Euros! I wouldnt say that Rio and Sao Paulo are safe places, not even for brazilians... despite they have a good structure to receive tourists. if you want safe places, go to the smallest cities, which are really interesting and beautiful. there you can have more contact with locals and enjoy your trip safely.
hello, you can come at any time that the world as a tropical country that sometimes a low temperature, but nothing compared to Europe ... the winter months are March to rain more or less on August 15, but little rain, times in the middle of summer rain falls a strong bearing on the time ... come to Brazil ... but if you want to come in July to look for the northeast region, there is always sunshine ... prices vary from one kind of luxury you want? security is yes, depending on where you're going .. anything more ... you contact?
anderson j
hi Joanna, i totally agree with Mr Flávio Melo words, after his consideration i don't believe you'll have doubts. I say the same, try to focus in other places like Chapada Diamantina in Bahia, Pantanal or even better at northeast cowntry as a Ceará, Pernanbuco, there the wether will be little warm if you considerate the european stands, nice wether and peaple, not to mention a great natural beach there. try to make a 50/50 travel in Brazil, beachs(ceara,pernambuco,etc) / backcowntry(chapada diamantina,pantanal,Bonito-ms,etc). About prices, all places here have all kind rate, i can say it is cheap if you dont mind about luxury, nice acomodation and meal can be found at really cheap prices.
other advise, do not metter you go, carry with you just a necessary money and eletronics, try separate a money in parts(litte in pocket other mabe inside socks) just preucation, in europe i do the same as here, today no one are complete safe, in general view here is safe as europe(not about Rio and Sao Paulo downtown more preucation are necessary there).
good travel, hope you enjoy this amazing Brazil.
Hi, I hope that you find the information that you need. Your questions are pretty general, but I´ll do my best to help.
In my opinion, the best time for a European to travel to Brazil is in the summer months here, or December through February. My second option would be in July. I find that prices in July are a bit more reasonable than the summer, but there is much more happening in the summer than in July.
As to how much money you would need to stay a month depends much on how you budget your funds. If you want to eat at a five star for lunch and dinner everyday, you´ll definitely need more cash. I find meals in Brazil very reasonable. You can eat like a king or queen on $30 Euro (or less) per day if you keep your eyes open. But you can also spend alot more just to be in the more chic restaurants.
Safety in Brazil is a matter of common sense. If you plan on renting a car, spend a bit more for air conditioning. You´ll welcome the relief from the heat and it also keeps you safer, since many assaults are done in traffic by motorcycle. Don´t be flashy with the jewelry. Brazil is casual, even though women here are usually dressed quite well and fashionable. Try to be more discrete and blend in with your surroundings, you´ll be able to enjoy it more as well.
Whatever you decide, have a great trip.

Matt Martin
It's a bit difficult to answer your question as far as how much money needed is concerned.It all depends on how many and which places you want to visit.
.There are some decent low priced hotels
available.If you are on a tight budget consider staying at hostels.
July/August is winter here in Brazil and if you want to visit the south of Brazil be prepared for some cold weather.From Sao Paulo on up the weather is milder.During this period there is school vacation and many families take to the roads so prices are little bit higher.As far as safety is concerned,you have to be careful in the big cities.Try to blend in with the locals and walk on busy streets.Don't show valuables, keep your passport at the hotel.In the town where I live,Paraty,I don't worry at all about safety.I might say that, in general brazilian cities are just as safe as major european cities.If you need further info please let me know,be glad to help.
Best regards and hope you enjoy your visit to our country
Roland Meyer Paraty-Brazil
Having seen the other answers , I would agree on what was said over prices and weather , since it is winter but North East where I live in Aracaju , close to Salvador and Maceio , you will get some rais and sunny spells in between with temperatures between 24 and 32 centigrade , so very pleasant , I would suggest you spend some time on internet researching hotel and Pousada prices , they come usually with a description of what is included in the price and many photos , if you are thinking of visiting Aracaju I will be most happy to show you around.
there are big differences between prices in Sao Paulo/Rio de Janeiro (most expensive) and other places like Salvador, Recife, Fortaleza, Porto Alegre...

It isnt easy to say how much u are going to spend in a month.. is depends of which city u r planing to stay...

U can travel anytime during the year.. the weather is cool.. it is like summer almost everywhere.. Yes it's safe but dont show yourself off.. and try dont look like an lost European...dont use sandals with socks LOL..
Prices in Brazil very from state to state and from city to city. It depends on where you want to stay and for how long. There are many ways to save money depending on the time and place you want to stay at.

Hotels vary teh same way and add to that teh fact if you choose one by location it will vary in cost too. I'd suggest maybe some hostel, or a nice clean hotel not so fancy with the basic services.

We have different sorts of meals: quick snacks that you can buy for cheap or nice meals a bit more expensive but that will keep you satisfied for longer.

Yes, there are differences between Rio and São Paulo and other places like LA is different from NY. I´m from a city close to São Paulo and there are lots of differences from here to there. Regarding night outs both cities are awesome (Rio and São Paulo) watch out for too much charging for "being a foreigner".

July is the Month of school vacation here and it is also winter time. August is not that cold. I have no idea how much are the prices for trips to here at this period.

Brazil is a safe country for anyone. You just have to remember this is not like your home country and you can´t trust anyone or leave your car parked out in the street with open windows. You have to watch out where you walk and keep an eye on everyone around you on the street. It´s not a jungle, as some might say but it is not a calm place as well. A bit of caution and you are ok.
I think that Rio, Minas Gerais or cities of the Northeast of Brazil, specialy Natal and Salvador are the best places for a visit.
Going to São Paulo is the same as going to big city like City of Mexico...
The best time to travel to Brazil is in the european winter but in July/August Bahia is really good because there are nice beaches and you can also go to Chapada Diamantina. There's a amazing place with many waterfalls, caves, plateaus, canyons good for hiking expeditions, camping...
As July and August is winter the prices are cheaper than in summer... and as far as safety. Taking care is always good wherever you're going to!!
Prices in brazil are much cheaper, in general, than prices in Europe and North America. The northeast is even cheaper. A nice 3 star Inn in Salvador historical center charges around Euro30/night. An hostel -nice, safe and clean- charges about Euro10/night. For cheaper options and being more than a person traveling together you can rent an apartment. A person can eat well downtown- not in a fancy place though- with Euro10. Rio and Sao Paulo are more expensive though, but you can still find cheap options. No, Jualy and August are not more expensive. Most expensive time in Brazil is from December to February (Xmas to Carnival). In July is school holiday in brazil so you might find many brazilian tourists traveling. Sao Paulo and Rio are big cities and you have to keep your eyes opened while hanging out there. Don't wear anything that might attract the attention: jewelry, watch, purse. Cameras and cell phones are better to be kept hidden and to be taken out just when you need them. Stay in central neighbors and don't look for adventures in poor or unknown neighbors. Use the taxis that show a phone nr. on the car and a taxi nr.. Do not accept rights from "non taxi cars". In general it's better if you call a radio taxi and wait he identifies you (asking your name) as he arrives to pick you up. Once you arrive in Brazil change some R$ (reais), the local currency, at the airport. Smaller towns are safer. Please let me know if you need help with finding contacts for accommodations.
brazil is a vast country. in some of the less wealthy states prices are extremely low. sau paulo and rio, on the other hand are, compared to most of the country, very expensive. furthermore, being a tourist automatically levitates ordinary costs of things. july and august are winter months, if hit by bad luck, there could be weeks of clouds, fine irritating rains, chilly winds and indoor boredom. it`s all in the gods`s will. brazil is umpredictable as far as security is concerned. could be mugged inside a hotel lobby and safe walking a favela. but this country is magnificent. well worth travelling.
it depends.. but prices are around $50 and $300, For places u can check Bahia specially Porto Seguro or Salvador in July .. they will offer good prices to u.
July / August are winter months in Brazil and it can be quite cool in the South. It is cooler than the rest of the year in the north, but still similar to a European summer. And, here is where many from the south travel to get some sun at this time.

The north is also much cheaper than the south for most things, and far cheaper than Rio for hotels etc. Sao Paulo is not a place I would recommend for tourists at any time, but especially in July / August.

I am a British guy that has been living in Brazil for many year. I am biased towards he north for many resons. Recife has 12 months summer, but the chance of rain is far higher in July & August. Havng said that it rarely rains all day or for days at a time. Temperatures are still good and the sea still warm.

I suggest you consider a trip that may include Salvador, Recife (with Olinda and Porto de Galinhas close by) and perhaps the beaches further north, near Natal and Fortaleza.

You can get a lot of information about this region from . It it the site I produce, and is the most comprehensive English Language guide to the region.
Hi Joana,
Prices vary immensely..depending on where you want to stay, location wise, 3/4 you are planning your stay, etc. The best time to come I would suggest July/ August which is winter....and beautiful..the light is gorgeous!
No the prices vary but are not necessarily higher at that time. Sao Paulo is a whole different ball can expect much higher prices..but as I said there is shopping around to do.. In all cases..


I divided your questions into topics to facilitate the answers:

1. A hotel around here is about US$40,00 to US$80,00 per day, and this price can get higher according to your level of demands.
2. Cities and regions are very different among themselves. I recommend you to visit more than one.
3. July / August is our winter. If you come from somewhere that usually snows, you will find our climate mild. But generally, the summer seasons are the most requested. As a local I enjoy the period of March to May....end of summer and early autumn. It´s still hot and there are fewer tourists.
4. The amount of money will depend on your plans: if you want to fly between places or dividing the room with someone else at the hotel. But usually the plane tickets for medium travel distances costs around $ 100.00 to $ 150.00. You can also find restaurants that offers a nice meal for US$5,00 and so on.

Any additional questions, I am at your disposal.
agree with the msg above
Well first you have to imagine Brazil as a continent, you go from amazom through desert like places arriving in the atlantic forest and arriving in the colder south reagion. Sometimes when its rainig in the nothern areas it is dry in the southern areas. July is our winter so dont forgett to bring a raincoat, but temperatures are above 25°C in the north and can go to below 10°C in the south.
Prices vary also from one region to the other, July is a high season mostly for internal turism so prices are not so high as in the summer from december to february. Hostels or "pousadas" as we call them can be the most budget way, of course with less services and maybe have the language problem. But adventure your spirit go for it.
Choose what kind of climate you want and what attraction you might want to see and we can help you figure out.
I for example took a two year vacation through Brazil and havent seem not half.
I realised that the prices in Brazil are too high for me. Poland is not in Western Europe however it's EU country. we don't have Euro here and transfering our currency for E, we make about 200-300E per month, only those who have a decent job make 1000-2000E. can you recommend me any other-cheaper South American country? I'd like to go in July or August and I'd like to have nice weather-a lot of sun, but not too hot. I mean like European summer is ok or even warmer and I'd like to have it cheaper. I don't have to stay in hotels-guest houses and hostels are ok. I thought about Wenezuela, Equador, Peru. Any suggestions?
Hi, Joanna. Brasil is a cheap country for europeans. Mainly if you are spending in Euros. Today 1 euro is 2,966 reais and 1 U$ is 2,390 reais. July is winter here, so if you are going to Brazilian Northest that great. There is summer all year. But other regions are cold in July, about 12-18 degrees if you are not counting with global warming. You never know!!
Tell me how much you intend to spend here, which cities are you planning and how long for I can help you more. If you prefer beaches or cities, day programs or nightclubs (balada in portuguese). A good tip: in Brasil most of the people don't talk in English. So, if you have time, try to study some essencial words in Portuguese or Spanish.
Hi Joanna.

First... depending if you want to spend your vacation from teaching, that is in september than i say... it's a good time to visit Brazil. São Paulo is a fantastic city, at this time it's not to hot and it has this cooling rainshowers in the afternoon/evening...
Rio de Janeiro is hot at this time of the year, but if you don't mind that... i will say that September/October is good months to visit Brazil.

Prices... well, it depending on where you are, and who you with to.. because... locals can help you bargain.. and you will get good deals.
Of course... you have very expencive places to shop, but if you are aware and like to walk around... wow, you will find small shops where you can get good deals.
In the countryside you will have some thing cheaper and some things are more expensive than in the big cities.

Hotels/hostels you can get from any price to any price...
and there is possible to rent room private in some parts of Brazil. So about the prices... it's like all over the world... depending on standard.

and normally it's safe to travel around in Brazil, even in the big cities like Rio and São Paulo... as long as you use your head and leave your jeweleries at home, don't wear fancy stuff on the streets... have on extra visa card... hidden at your hotel... common sense...

There are much to see in Brazil... so i recommand you to come... and i promise you a lifetime exploring experience..
Hotels range from $US50 to $US300 depending on luxury and location. Like most hotels some 'pousadas' include breakfast which can be a cheaper alternative to a hotel. Meals range from $US10 to $US20. The best time to travel is in February where you can enjoy the world famous carnaval. Although it is summer and temperatures can range from 25 to 36 degrees Celcius. July and August are cooler months but it is high season so it is more expensive. If you want to stay a month I would say bring $US4,000. It is safe for a European to travel you just have to be careful not to go to dangerous areas just as you would in Europe. Hope this is helpful, let me know if you have any more questions.
It seems to me you have not a foggiest idea of Brasil and i suggest first to buy a good book-guide like lonely planet o similar. Brasil is big and out of the language everything change, according where you are. Prices lift on end of the year and carnaval and is ok travel in July/August better in the north. About safety is good to be carefull especially in
big city.
Wich place are you thinking to visit?
There are cities cheaper them others.
In São Paulo, hotel is around $40,00 - $200,00; for food u will spend around $15 - 50 per day. All depends that u like to do and to eat.
Hi, depends on how you want to Travel, if you want budget you can stay in the Hostels in Rio sao Pulalo or any other city you go ,, hostels start from 25-30 real which are aroun 13-15 USD , some ofe them also has Privet rooms for 30 USD which are good options,especialy for meeting other travelers,, the prices of cours end up in 5 star hotels... in july and August is good to Travel if you are heading notrh and northeast of Brasil and you will have more sun and as its lowseason the Prices will be lower than in february and march, (low season start in brazil after easter holidays) depends on the region,but if you are heading south of Brasil July/August are not good seasons as you will have cold weather specialy in santa catarina inland, the ocean in this period in Rio de janeiro and Saopaulo state (and other in southern brazil) are cold but you see still alot of people in suny days swiming,, but in north in bahia and northen brazil is quate the same ,and not big difrend .
to eat start from 3-4 USD a meal as we call it PF (prato feito) and goes more in per killo resuarant start from 6USD Per killo and better one as 15 USD per Killo which are really good options and good salad Bufet , also can have Churrasco (brasilian barbiquue midrange Prices start at 7-8 USD and goes to the best ones like 35-40 USD- what makes Brazil expensive is transportation specialy the Flights inside the Brazil so to do budget travel have to have a good plan and knowing where to go as the distance are long.
Hi, the north and north east part of brazil is very cheap. There, you get a lunch with softdrink for 5 to 6 real (you choose what you want and you pay by weight). One beer is 3 real, one caipirinha 1.5 to 3 real. (1 euro=3 real)
A cheap hotel,called Pousada, you can get from 12 to 80 real, mostly clean but not European standard, sometimes with hot shower, sometimes with ac.
Travelling by bus is cheapest. You'll pay on long distances 10 to 30 real per 100 km.

The south of brazil is 3 to 5 times more expensive. Big cities like rio or sao paulo even more.

July to January are great for travelling brazil, because it's summer. It can be very hot sometimes. But on the coast you have allways some wind. Espacially on the north east coast,from recife to jericoacoara, the climat is perfect and the beaches are beautifull.
Take care in big cities,especially if you are travelling alone. Don't trust nobody. In smaller cities and countryside,brazil is not very dangerous. But, brazil is not Europe!

If you go in the north east, pass by in paracuru (90 km north from Fortaleza).

So.... Feel free to ask me more about brazil or anything else.....
Prices vary a lot depending on where in Brazil you are. For a guide to prices in Northeast Brazil see
Brazil is the country to feel ALIVE. In absolutely all specifics of the word. If you want to sleep and relax, close your shades, save a few bucks and stay home.

Brazil is about LIVING. Brazil is about excursions to the deep jungle, waterfalls that take your breath away, exotics fruits that are compared to sex, live music that takes your body to new heights, endless dunes to endless jungles, endless women in our endless beaches.

Prices are somewhat relative. If you travel to the northeast of Brazil you can almost cut all of your expenses in half. Plus get more action for your dollar.

July - August is turist season here. So naturally prices will be higher during that time. The best time to travel to Brazil and pay cheaper all across the board for all kinds of services is March and April.
IF you want to feel alive.


Not the Brazil on a brouchure ... THE REAL BRAZIL THAT ONLY A LOCAL CAN

for more info.

take care.
Contact me via ! I'm on the web as a Rio-Brazil-Lat.Am. travel counseler. I cater to travellers of ALL budgets. Jim
Hey Joanna,
I can answer in general that you´ll find the same price allover the country for the same quality of service. You can have a R$5,00 (I´ll put all prices in local currency - REAL) meal everywhere, a simple lunch, but eatable. The differences come between more elaborated services. If you´re in São Paulo you´ll eat in a good/excellent restaurant and pay R$100,00 for two. In my city, Fortaleza, you´ll eat even better, because São Paulo is so much bigger than Fortaleza. Did you get my point? Every generalization is path to the mistake... So, let me talk about my region, my state, my city. And let´s talk about a miminum level of quality, not "dog´s house" or sleeping in a tent on a city park. In Fortaleza (and allover the state) with R$70,00/day for two persons you can find lots of good and well located "pousadas" (a name for small hotels) with air conditioner, refrigerator, hot water and breakfast. With R$15,00 you can have a good meal, a good lunch in a standard restaurant. And there are even special offerts of "eat how much you can" from R$30,00-R$50,00.
The best time to travel here is from June-February, because March,April and May are the rainy months. The most expensive months would be July-August and December-January. For a month, if you want only travel nearby, see only the state of Ceara, an amount of R$2.500,00 would be perfect for you to rent a place to stay a month (cheaper than a hotel) and travel a lot, lots of trips to the east-west coast beaches! This amount is suggested for an economic but confortable month, but depends on you... can be even less, or much more! Inform yourself about charter flights from Varsovia to Fortaleza! It exists! And I have a polish friend, he is tourist guide as me, and I can put you in contact. You´re welcome!
well there is a big diffrence depending on the service you are looking for, hotels and pousadas have a big range of quality and therefor prices. these facts are valid for all around brazil. genrally speaking the winter time (july-Aug) are cooler so you will not be able to enjoy rios beaches as much. and for heat.. brazilians go up to the north-east regions (nordeste) as for food ... well you can find many expensive high quality retaurants... but you can eat well for less then 10 reais (real=singular form, reais=plural form)
eithr way it is best to try and plan ahead to what are your intentions (as where you want to spend your time) what kind of activities you want to make
and how long you want to stay then you can start looking for the bigger and costlier items of you trip to brazil
Uau,ok!To come to Brazil is not expensive at all,but if you want to have,nice hotels,nice restaurants every night and go out every day in a expensive places,yes!!Can be more expensive then Europe!!!There's a diference between all cities,more you go to the South of Brazil,more can be expensive...the best month to come depends where you want to in Fortaleza,we have rain time beginning in February and finishing in May,other time,sun,sun,sun between 24c and 34c.If you want to come here,just write me!I can do a very cheap trip for you...visit:
Hi, sorry for late answer, but prices in Salvador that time is littl cheap, about hotels prices you can find from Usd 50 to usd 300 for 1,2,3.4. 5 star class, however if you don't mind about no star hotel , you can find about 20 usd. july august prices here very affordable, that's time we in winter with weather about 20 C degree to 26C degree. About meal can be from 5 usd to 15usd (by weight service for 1 kg) a 600 ml bottle beer you pay from 1 to 1,5 usd a code drink(like coke tin) about 1 usd, a 10" pizza you can pay from 7 usd to 12 usd. However you can rent a house or room for about USD 200 to 300 usd a month.
The summer over here is from december end to march start this time the price will got little high about other times.
If you wish any other information please no hesitate in contact me again.
I think you should really visit Brasil. Rio and Sau Paulo are very beautiful places to visit, but as many other cities, you must always take precautions and be carefull. There's no problem for europeans or any other countries. July is in the middle of high season, so prices are bit higher than noemal. You can very well get decent hotel for $40 and meals at $10 or even less when it's breakfast. For one month you would need minimum $4000; this doesn't includes flights and airport tax. Of course if you need to shop and so you'll need more money. You have to take the cheapest transports to move around.
Hotels $40 - $10.000 (depends what are you looking for! You can have a honestly place for $40,00, Formule One Hotels from Arcor group is one of your options)

Meals $10 - $300 (Our meals for day-a-day worker people can be less than $10, also you can go to a very fancy restaurant like New York and expend a thousand bucks)

São Paulo is a kind of New York! Nice restaurants, clubs, cinemas, shoppings etc ..
São Paulo is a good city to shop nice stuffs, all kind of things you can find here!

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful city in the world! Nice beach and people! Beach places usually are more relaxing than others big city like São Paulo.

São Paulo - New York
Rio De Janeiro - San Diego (California)

Best time to travel to BRazil is during our summer (dec/jan/feb) but also you can come over every month and have a lot of fun! We are a tropical country, so enjoy your possibilities here!

July and August is our winter time, that means in the south is a little more cold and at our North or Northeast is always the same! Hot hot hot!

If is it safe? Yes of curse! Since you have a nice guide, nice cities and places to stay, you will be like in Europe!

If you want to enjoy our spots like a pimp, come with me!
We work in television here, so we can get the best vip tickets, parties and more! Feel like a pimp in Brazil.
Weird question: Overnights range from 15 U$ to 1500. Meals from 2 U$ to 2000. Why would it be less ok to travel in July/August than any other time? Brazil's metropoles are about as (un)safe as US American ones. It all depends where you are, and when, and with whom, and for what purpose...
See me here: - . I'm in the tourism business. Jim
How was your experience in Brazil?
Prices are a little bit higier because of our strong growing economy, but we can always find great deals!

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