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Hey How are you, where you from, I from Argentina, and I have a travel adventure agency in Peru, Huaraz, ANDEAN KINGDOM, we also operates the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash, peru is a really easy country to travel, a little bit insecure but easy and cheap there are buses to all the places, where do you want to go, and where you come from?
Let me know so I can give you more details.
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Hello!! I'm peruvian. I live in Lima, the capital city, and its gonna be great if you tell me from where are you planning to come here, in order to tell you the best way!
Where are you planning to come?

Jose Antonio
Hi, it depends where you come from. Once here it is so easy and safe to travel everywhere with the bus system.
From your country to Peru by plane would be the easiest way.
In Peru the easy way is to organize the trip with my company.
Just contact me: Anibal Phone: (51)(1) 433 7981

And you travel to Peru will be very easy.
I think that if you booked to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA - and then took Spirit Airlines from Ft. Lauderdale on Spirit Airlines you would save quite a bit of money. Connecting straight to Peru might be pretty expensive on most airlines, but you can usually find some great deals to the states, and Spirit has the best rates I've seen from the U.S. to Lima.
yes pretty much just have in mind the high season could be hard to find a place w/o reservation during june or july ( cuzco ) , be carefull w/ the buses i mean pay a little more avoid the really cheap ones , those r to slow and unconfortable
Depends how much time you have. Peru is a fairly large country extending from the Pacific coast to the Amazonian forest and the altiplano, and on top of that, crossed from top to bottom by not one but two mountain chains. Much of the traveling between Lima and the main cities is done by plane, but each leg of the journey currently costs about 120 USD. Now, if you have the time (say, several weeks to explore the country), you can take local transportation (i.e. mostly buses), stay in hostals on the way, that will bring down your costs quite a bit. Good luck.

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