Hello , My name is Sandra and my fiancee Javier , We visited Egypt 2 years ago and we had a tour guide that we would like to be in... with him again for our next visit to Egypt the coming January 2011. My question is if any one here know him or can put me in contact with him , his phone No. or e-mail as i lost his Business Card. All what i know is his name Hesham Husein or Isham Husein. If you can help me i will be very great full for you. Sandra & Javier


Country: Egypt


sorry, i know a lot of guides, but without more info i cant help. who did he work for?
Hi Sandra & Javier

I know 2 guides with this name Hesham Hussein

One is a guide for the Italian Language working with Tourisanda ( NTS ) is the local agent.

The other is for the Spanish language working with Travelplan (Elegant Voyage) is the local Agent.

Both of them are well known in their market , 40 + as i see you have Spanish name - Javier - so if this is the one you are looking for , sent me a privet massage or e-mail to and i can give you their phone No. or e-mails

Enjoy your time

hi dear,
i will ask some of our friends around here and may be i will get his information for you .....thanks
actually i don't know him but i can help u to find another one in cairo through tourism offices at downtown
if you wanna to travel through alex i will help you
if you wanna travel out it i will also help you by contact another society or member
what a good Reputation this man get that is great that you are trying to contact him again i really don't know how to help but if there is any thing i can do it will be my Pleasure to help

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