machu pichu

easiest way to go to machu pichu and motel to stay?


Country: Peru


once you get to Cusco, you have two options to go to Mach Picchu, by train (Local or Tourist class) or do the Inka Trail (wich is between 3 - 5 days) if depends what do you like.
Close to machu Pichhu there is a small town called Aguas Calientes, and there are many hostels and hotels, the hostels are very cheap, so i don't think you would have problems to find one you like.
Easiest way - take the bus from Cusco to Sacsayhuaman, then the Backpacker train to Aguas Calientes (also known as Machu Picchu City). Stay in a hotel overnight there, and take the bus up to Machu Picchu in the morning.

Telling someone they can take the Inca Trail as an 'easy' alternative is misleading, as it's nrot really an easy walk, it's limited to the number of people allowed on it, and space is booked months in advance.

I'd also recommend reserving a hotel/hostal in Cuzco and in Aguas Calientes at least a month in advance. Feel free to message me with specific hotel recommendations. :)
Kelly, you made a mistake... probably you meant the bus form Cusco to Ollantaytambo, no Sacsayhuamnan.
You're right.. I actually just came back here to change that. :) Thanks for catching it.
im a local guide here. you can do lot of things. treking, train, fly on top, even ride a motorbike to machupicchu. soooo its your choice
im a guide here. you can do lot of things. spend the nigth, treking, train, fly on top, even ride a motorbike to machupicchu. soooo its your choice
By train. I believe you have to be fisically prepared to go by walking. Despite this, it takes a lot more time and it is also more expensive and difficult to get a pass.
What I suggest you is to buy your train tickets and book your hotel right now. It is a lot better to book or buy in advance so you get better prices and dont miss anything! Tickets usually are sold out by June that is the INTI RAYMI festival.
The best place obviously is by train, is the cheapest and also the best way to see all the enviroment at Cuzco, and a good chance to talk with other people in order to get some travel tips.
by train the easy, but now a day there is a car option , this is not good idea on the rainy season , when are you comming ?

Jose Antonio
Don't wait to arrive to Peru and Cusco if you want to hike the inca trail. You have to buy your trip sometimes even 8 months in advance to have a chance to go. There are huge waiting lists. Even by train it's preferable to book and buy in advance in the high season. Lately people go through Abra Malaga and Santa Teresa by the road and then walking 2 hours to Aguas Calientes but it's long, very long !!! I can recommend you La Payacha in Aguas Calientes o la Pequeña Casita.
Hiking the Inca trail is not the "easiest way" but a good way to get an understanding of the historical and ecological context of Machu Picchu. Contact us ( or least 6 months before your planned trip so we can reserve. Good luck.
200$ 2 daYS i night trip all inc.

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