Which is the longest river in Brazil


Country: Brazil


Amazonas River, not only the longest river in Brazil but the longest River in the World! :)

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There are people who would argue that the Nile is the longest river in the world :-)
There are people who would argue that the Nile is the longest river in the world :-)
All I know is that both rivers are fantastic!
yes it is the longest river but amazon river is the largest when it comes to the volume of water
I am so glad that I could swim in this river! :)
Nile is so long and such an impressive!
It is the Amazonas River...the springs can be found on the Andes Mountains, very influenced by snow meltings, and it flows all over the Amazon Forests until meeting with the Atlantic ocean between Para and Amapá State.
Thanks Marcone I love Brazil
And you Priyanga, what is the longest river of Sri Lanka??? I know it is an island, but you must have rivers there! Sri Lanka is a very green country!
Your love for Brazil is so special, thank you!
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Amozonas River!
longest in the world is Amazonas and it has the bigger part in Brasil but comparing this part to Rio Sao Francisco, Sao Francisco is bigger.
Thanks Tadeu for info
Now you have to ask which one is the longest in every region of Brazil!
In the north east - são francisco
well, I would say that taking account all the tributaries, it is Amazon River, but the biggest river in Brazil is probably São Francisco, that is formed in the middle of it and goes a long way to the north and than to east. I believe the Brazilian part of the Amazon is not as long as the São Francisco.
the longest river in brasil is the amazonas with 6937 km in full raining time it gets to 50 km from one side to the other side
São Francisco River is one of the longest and most important rivers in our country!
Again, the longest river in Brazil is the Amazon, it has about 6.937 according to our geographical institute INPE. I know that the river starts in the South of Peru and it ends in the Atlantic Ocean, Brazilian Side.
San Francisco River starts in Minas Garais State, at Canastra Range, it ends in Piaçabuçu in the State of Alagoas, close to a famous town called Penedo. The river has 2 830 kilometers, so it does not even reach half of the extention of the Amazon River!
The biggest river in extension is the Sao Francisco River and the largest river in volume of water is the Amazon River. The Amazon River is also the largest in the world by volume of water.
River Amazonas is enormous. It is the biggest river really.
Our longest river is the Amazonas!
What is the longest one in your country?
Amazona River, my friend!
Amazonas River!!! Just for the record, the longest river in Rio is Rio São João close to Rio das Ostras.
Thanks my dear Brazilians for the answer about Amazon River which is the longest in Brazil & the world. In SriLanka it is Mahaweli River is the longest, it is 335KM long.

The Amazonas certainly rules the amazon. It is quite famous in the world. It rises in spring time
Amazonas! :)
And it is a beautiful river!

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