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Giritale is a great spot for bird watching. Stay at the Deer Park and their adventure center called Mahout Club will take you on great bird watching trails in the surrounding jungles. You have the Giritale tank and all the rivers, minneriya reservoir. There is also a great bird sanctuary close by. You can also visit Kaudulla national park
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We can categorized in to Three.1. Breeding Resident 2. Migrants 3. Endemics. Spred out these bird species as low country-wet, low country Dry and Hill Zone by climatic and geographical conditions..

The locations are 1. Kithulgala, 2. Singharaja, 3. Kanneliya, 4. Anawilundawa, 5.Atthidiya, 6. Thalangama, Kalametiya, Horton plains...Etc.
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There are various places to look the many endemic birds of Sri Lanka. Famous is the Bundala National Parc in the south of the island.
But if you are interested in real quiet place you maybe go on a Madu Ganga Boat Safari. A secret tip is the the Kosgoda Lagoon and Ganga Bird Watching Katamaran Safari. Early morning or at sunset time you will be able to make fantastic picture shots. This safari is not known by many people and can be organized by us at SANKAREST. Have a look on the YouTube video "Roosting Birds, Kosgoda Lagoon, Sri Lanka"
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what kind of bird watching do you like?

There are few areas where you can find endemics, there are between 26 - 29 endemics in Sri Lanka.

About 5 - 8 varieties in the hills (Horton plains)
About 15 - 23 varieties in the Singharaja Rain Forest
About 9 - 12 varieties in the Sigiriya,Dambulla, Girithale area hope this is fine for you
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Sri Lanka is an Island Paradise filled with a vast density of bird life. Endemic and Endangered birds are again on a high but its one of the worlds best destinations for Birders. BEing part of the FOGSL Field Ornithology Department of SRI LANKA we do visits and bird watching field trips every month.
Some of the best locations are Singharaja Rain Forest, Singharaja, Talangama Tank, Battaramulla not far form Colombo and other destinations like Yala, Wilpattu and the hill country.
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I think Kumana and Wipatthu are the best sites... :)
Sri Lanka is the place for Bird watching. To keep it short and sweet, the best sites (Top 10) that tourists and locals can do bird watching are

1. Sinharaja
2. Horton Plains
3. Hakgala
4. Yala National Park
5. Lahugala Park (Bundala)
6. Kumana
7. Udawalawe
8. Wirawila
9. Udawatta Kale (Rain forest in Kandy)
10. Kandalama (Dambulla)
Land - Knuckles Range, Adam's Peak, All national Parks
Water - Most dry zone lakes
Sea - Coastal belts
Most of the endemic birds can be seen at Sinharaja. Many of the migratory water birds can be seen in the season at Jayawardaenepura and Bellanwila. A list of all 35 bird sanctuaries can be found here.

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