I am a bit short on motorbikes to one of our trips in May. I need about 5 good big bikes. Harleys, BMW or others. Also need price. We...

...will be needing the bikes for 3400 km and 13 days.


Country: Thailand


Maybe increase the choice of bikes/brands will make it easier....
Good luck.

Will see what I can do. What's your budget so I can try to negotiate?

Our budget is nhigh,so that wont be a problem. But we need good maintained bikes from 600cc and up.
Will you be picking up bikes and returning them to Pattaya?
Yes. All our trips starting in Pattaya, and ends in Pattaya. Our budget is high, so rental prices is not a problem.
i Have a friend who is teh harley davidosn dealere here will that do
i Have a friend who is the harley davidosn dealere here in Pattaya will that do
Yes, but do they have rental Harleys?
need it from BKK?
we will need them to go from Pattaya. But sending them from Bangkok, should not be a problem.
Where will your starting point be? If it is Phuket, I can help.
No, im sorry. We start from Pattaya, so Phuket is a bit far :) Thanks anyway.

Maybe next year we will arrange a tour from Phuket to. Then i will be in touch.
No problem ... enjoy your trip.

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