Is it safe to stay in the Jazz Hostel on Lenox? I worried since i will be there all alone


City: New York

State: New York

Country: United States


Probably safe but would be a little cautious at night. The hostel gets so-so grades on other websites but is very low cost.
I'm really not familiar with too many hotels in the city...sorry
I don't know about much about the hotel but you should be very careful at night in New York.
I would call ahead and ask them any questions you have. Otherwise, you can be assured that most hostels are generally safe. Might be a good idea to look up hotels that are near the area you are wanting to stay in just so if you get to the hostel and do not like it, you have other options.
It's actually not a hotel but a hostel. I've never stayed at a hostel in NYC so unfortunately I cannot speak from first-hand experience, but on one site it received an 80% approval rating for safety. As far as the neighborhood goes, you will be close to a number of public transportation options so getting around should be easy, but just like any neighborhood in any big city, you should be cautious when traveling at night.
You didn't state the REASON you chose that location. That is, is it based solely on costs or is it central to where you plan to travel during your stay? This area of NYC has changed (for the better) but you may want to take a look at some of the reviews by people who have actually stayed there. As far as "safety" is concerned, I don't know of any issue at this location which would compromise your safety, whether traveling alone or with a group. The area has become very diverse over the past several years and there are many good eateries, etc. However, consider this location in conjunction with the purpose of your visit. You will be able to conveniently travel to other areas of the city from the location.
It depends. I always tell people that they have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting into harms way on the streets of New York.The NYPD (New York Police Department) are present everywhere.
Don't provoke envy. Keep your cell phone or ipod in your pocket. Don't flash expensive watcher or jewlery.
Trust your intuition. If you feel even slightly uncomfortable-Yellow Cabs are everywhere-just make sure the light on the roof of the cab is on-this means the cab is vacant.
Absolutely, Lennox avenue is a very secure residential atmosphere, and since it is located in manhattan, there are plenty of law enforcement officials in that area.
Yes - certainly safe during the day - the area is the bustling center of Harlem - caution at night is important
This area was not a good place many years ago, but now Harlem is a fairly decent place. As long as you don't do anything stupid like flash your money or goods you should be okay. Its basically the same rules anywhere, just take it easy and you will be okay. Transportation from here is great and you are just a few minutes away from the centre of Manhattan. In general there is nothing to worry about
Safety is perception and experience. People have been mugged in the Waldorf. Walk with a purpose;walk where there are other people. In a hostel there is little privacy but the costs are low. Subways are safe. Just do not be alone in a subway car. This is caution. That's.all. Anywhere you are, in the middle of the night, is not the same as in the middle of the afternoon.

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