hi guys, i really need to know if there is any bus going from petra to amman early morning around 6-8 am? and where i can catch it. i...

...will also bring my trolley along with me


Country: Jordan


hello Best way is to go to aqaba by normal bus then fro; aqaba to amman you can find buses early, any way zhen you reach amman call me 0795180656 Nabhan and i will show Amman, cheers
Hi Peggy,

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You can take a bus from JETT (Jordan Express Tourist Transport) which is located in Al-Abdali area (close to the downtown). The bus leaves Amman daily at 6:30 am and leaves from Petra at 4:00 pm. The trip is only 3 hours (with one or two stops at the tourist/rest houses). The roundtrip ticket costs JOD 13.50. You will need to call/visit them one day in advance and book your ticket. If you’re calling from a landline it’s 5664146. If you’re calling from a local cellphone it’s 06-5664146. Otherwise it’s +962-6-5664146. To get there; all you need to do is find a taxi & tell him to take you to "JETT Buses in Al-Abdali".

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shaker he wants from petra to amman early buses ?
there are no buses from petra, you have to get to aqaba and catch a bus from there, unless you can find a taxi in petra that would take you to amman, it would cost around 50 jds
They are buses from petra to amman early morning, the bus station is next to the downtown: you have to ask your hotel help ; the bus can pass by your hoteln and you dont have to go to the bus station, with your trolley along.
They are buses from petra to amman early morning, the bus station is next to the downtown: you have to ask your hotel help ; the bus can pass by your hoteln and you dont have to go to the bus station, with your trolley along.
hi my friend i will give you two choices and i hope it will help you .
1- while you have your trolly and you want to take it with you to amman you can follow the sign to take you to the high way road to amman it's easy to find it .
2- you come to aqaba and i will buy you a ticket one day befor and you can catch the first bus to amman it's depart from aqaba to amman at 7:00 am so you will be in amman around 11:00 you only need to send me your name and your family name so i can buy you the tickect to amman and this is the easy way because i am from aqaba .
i will send you my e-mail it's ( )and this is my mobile number also ( 00962799541444).
wish you the best.
Hi Dearest,
Hope you are fine and doing great as well.
First of all, my name is Moath, I work at a travel agency in Petra; so,I think I can give you an useful info regarding your questin. There are two ways to go from Petra to Amman by buses, first one is to take the Jett bus that leaves at 16:00 (04:00 PM) from the its station by the entrance of Petra, in this case you have to call their rep (Mr. Khalid Hilalat) at 0777 310 850. Please note that they have no office in Petra, just the rep.
The ther way is to take the public bus from the bus station in the midtown, near by the big mosque of Wadi Musa, buses to Amman leave from the morning till late afternoon, but please note thet they have no scheduled time for the departure. They keep waiting till the bus gets full, the it leaves; so, you have to be at the bus station at enough time before your planned departure time.
If you needed anything while you are in Petra, please don't hesitate to call me at 0777 731 994 (or by e-mai at ), I will be happy to help you with anything you may need. For free of course.

Anyway, you may ask anybody at your hotel in Petra and they can arrange for the bus to pick you up. But in this case, there will be commission goes to the hotel, which means that ther price of the bus will go up.
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Dearest Peggy,
My name is katia and I am a tourist guide.
Following your request. There is a public bus that leaves from Petra to amman early morning around 6-8am. The bus station is in the town Wadi Musa close to the big mosque situated at the center of the town. You have to be very early at the station around 5.30 am if you want to leave at 6 am you have to be patient because the bus leaves when it fills up. The rate is 2.75 Jd that is 2 Jd and 75 piasters(750 fils) In Amman This bus stops at (Wihdat)station which is far from the center of Amman. Taxi transport to wherever you need to go in Amman is easy to find at the station.

Other means of transport by bus from Petra to Amman is by the company Jet but it leaves in the afternoon around 16 hrs from the bus station close to the entrance of the site (Petra)the rate is around 6 or 7 JD. The station in Amman where it stops is called (Al-Abdali)which is quiet central it depends where you want to go in Amman. Taxi is easy to find at the station.

What I do not anderstand is the (Trolley) Here we use the term for what we use to pull our suite case or the supermarket trolley. Any way in public buses the seats are a little narrow so we should not carry balky things with us. We put our suitcase in the space with the luggage.

If you need any further information ,please do not hesitate to contact me at my mobile:079 6921545

Hi Peggy,

With all the feedbacks that my colleagues gave you, I suggest you check Movenpick/Marriott Hotel sometimes they arrange shuttle busses from Petra to Amman.

Good Luck
the transportation in Jordan is very easy nowadays, and people are more than happy to direct you.

Yet if you need further info, please don't hesitate to contact me anytime.

Best regards
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They are buses from petra to amman early morning starting of 6:00 am , the bus station is next to the downtown you have to ask your hotel help ; the bus can pass by your hotel and you don't have to go to the bus station, with your trolley along.

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