hi Everyone , I wonder where it has a nice Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro to eat fondue , now that winter has arrived and it´´s cold ,...

...Does anyone know ?


Country: Brazil


Boa Noite, Diana!!!

I am so glad to see you here! Well, one of the restaurants I know is very close to the Zona Sul, I mean, close to Copacabana, it is in Gloria.

CASA DA SUIÇA - Rua Candido Mendes, 157
Maybe a good option would be, a pleasant stroll at Selaron Stairs and a dinner at Casa da Suiça, or a more complete stroll in a whole afternoon in Santa Tereza ending with a dinner there!
A dinner with FONDUE would be better with brazilian guests anyway...USA and EUROPE is packed with fondue places.

Even in the winter, the good and old CHURRASCO would do fine!
Another good option is in Barra da Tijuca at Uva, Vinho e Cia – Avenida Olegário Maciel, 373, Barra, 2493-8412
Once I went with Rafa in a wonderful place, but it has to be lunch...OS ESQUILOS at Floresta da Tijuca, very nice!!! And you can show the Forest!!! :)))))
There is also another option in Leblon, at Marina Palace, I forgot the name of the restuarant, but you can have a lovely view to the MORRO DOS DOIS IRMÃOS, hehehehe, but for sure, it will be quite expensive to go there!!!
I was Estrada do Joa, there is an austrian restaurant called Hans, for sure they have fondue there!
Marcone thank you ! you gave me many options ...........
to me you're a dedicated tour guide , responsible and very good people and the best english teacher in town! kisses and thanks
By the way, I had forgotten about Restaurante Hans which is close to my house and is a very old fondue Restaurant it opened in 1967 and has a stunning view , obrigado Marcone
Yooooooohooooooohhhhhh Diana no Pedaço!!!!!

Olha, é a melhor guia mulher dessa cidade e uma das melhores cabeças do Rio de Janeiro!!!

Voce é inteligente, digna, honesta, super capaz e adora planejar tours por todo Rio de Janeiro!!!

Confio meus clientes a voce de olhos fechados!
Ohhhhh as for your question...dear one...I would recommend a lunch at OS ESQUILOS...very ecological stop in the middle of our impressive forest.

Marcone mentioned about this place here!!! So you have two strong recommendations!!!

But FONDUES are good for brazilian guests...We should plan something for them!
Hi Rafael, yes I am here !!!!!! thanks for the tip about squirrels, it is a very interesting place even for foreigners I think, I return the compliments back to you that is an excellent tour guide, dedicated, spontaneous, trustworthy, and has an ability to make anyone happy on your tours ,
Many other places in Itaipava if you want to organize a whole full day at Serra dos Orgãos!
There is a fantastic place in Teresopolis, in Barreiras!!!

They provide a great fondue in the fall of the afternoon!!! this place is called ROGERIO'S
interesting place Marcone !
Hi of course there is. There is the casa da Suiça at gloria in candido mendes street, that is the best place to go.
thanks Patrick, I'll try the fondue there, I´ve heard once about this place , thanks
Casa de Suiça,
thanks Jim , Patrick had already mentioned this place , but anyway , thanks a lot !
what is fondue? I go to the restaurants people write here to see what it is. I am curious now!
Cara, eu gosto muito da Casa da Suissa
hi Rafael , fondue is swiss food made with cheese ( gruyére ) melted in a special pan , you can eat with bread , there is also fondue with meat and different sauces, bits of fish and shrimp, vegetables and there is the chocolate fondue with fruit , it´s delicious you should taste one day
Casa da Suiça. olha uma vez eu te vi no Corcovado, vc super atenciosa com os turistas, a gente precisa de gente assim, viu?
Oi Clarice , thanks , gosto do que faço !
Quem sabe passar todo um dia em Penedo? eles tem os melhores fondues do Brasil!!!!!!! :))))))))
é verdade Fátima , lá é friozinho , bom para degustar um bom fondue !
I only know CASA DA SUIÇA, there are other wonderful food to eat there as well!
Casa da Suiça!
Nossa mané....que é esse fundue? É aquele queijinho que a gente derrete na agua, né?

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