Hi all I need to know if the palace of Abdeen is open to the public or not , if yes i need to know the visiting hours , thanks a...

...lot for your help. Enjoy your time Jack


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the palace of abdin is opened but not for the puplic because, the president of egypt live at it now i hope i answered your question feel free to ask again .
hi jack ,
yes it's open from 8 A.M..TILL 2 P.M.......and you will need to pay a ticket to get in.
Jack - this is the latest info I have about the Abdin Palace

Abdin Palace Museum Complex
El Gomhoureya Square
(Behind Abdin Palace)
Tel: (+202) 2391 0042, 02-23919606, 02-23916909, 02-23910130

Abdin (Abdeen) Palace, built in the 1860s by the Khedive Ismail, is one of the most famous palaces of those that were erected during the Mohammed Ali Pasha dynasty. It was the seat of government from 1872 until the 1952 Revolution, at which time it was the home of King Farouk. During this eventful period, Abdin Palace witnessed unforgettable events that determined the course of Egypt’s modern history.

The upper floors, (the former living quarters of the royal family) are reserved. The lower floors contain the Silver Museum, the Arms Museum, the Royal Family Museum, and the Presidential Gifts Museum. The Historical Documents Museum, opened in January 2005, contains, among other documents, the Imperial Ottoman firman, or decree, which established the rule of Mohammed Ali and his family.

Opening hours 9.00am to 3.00pm

Entrance fee LE15, students LE10; Egyptians LE2, students LE1

This includes some phone numbers so probably best to make a check before you take a group there - that's what we do. This info was correct about 4 months ago....

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel
Hi Jack,

For more info about Abdeen Palace Museum, please click this link

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