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Hello How much is the Egyptian pound related to the Euro ? is it ok to change any where or some places are better than others. Thank you for the information. Pedro


Country: Egypt


Dear Pedro

1 Egyptian Pound ( L.E.) has the fraction of 100 Piasters

Exchange rate is variable from day to another for example today it is 1 Euro = 6.79 which means 6 Egyptian pounds and 79 Piasters.

you must check it every day as the rate is not the same every day.

Changing differs also from one place to another but not so much , may be up to 5 piasters from bank to another or from post to other. which does not make a lot of difference if you will not change a big quantity of money.

I do recommend that you change sum by sum , by the last day of your trip and if you still have some Egyptian pound you can re change to US$ or Euros from the different airports or ports and they work 24 hours.

If you need something else please let me know.

Enjoy your time

Hi pedro,
you can change the money in your hotel or at the exchange offices ,it's everywhere and all the same.................or if you don't feel ok about that you can go to any bank and do it.
Current exchange rate is 6.794 but at the bank or hotel probably a little less... As far as I know the exchange rates in Egypt are set by the government which means you should get a pretty standard rate with just a very small variation no matter where you exchange your money. The US dollars stays very steady, there is significantly more fluctuation in the Euro and GBP.

You can change money at many places - hotels, banks, currency exchanges. If you withdraw money from your ATM you will get local currency at the exchange rate your own bank sets.

Have a great time if you visit Egypt

all the best

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel
hi there!

itis not such big deal to exchange euros from banks ,or exchanging officess around , itis more or less the same , itis just bit easier in the exchaning offices instead following such line in the banks , for the rate i cant tell you coz itis changing like crazy now days let us say on avarage around 6:80 LE for each euro more or less i hope i was usefull for you.

nader hosni
hi pedro,
exchange available from banks (probably better rate), thomas cook shops, exchange bureaus, hotels and of course if you use atm you will get the rate that your own bank charges. however i tend to use the latter when i am travelling as you only withdraw the amount you need and it aleviates the worry of where to keep the cash

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