I am about to travel to Egypt with my 4 ids between the ages of 2 and 6 yrs. I am asing for a good school at Medinatul Nasr, My income... btw 3000-4000 EGP per month. I will lie my children to learn proper English. I am also looing for an Arabic school to study at medinatul Nasr. I heard about the place and i thin i love the place. please how much will a three bedroom,furnished apaartment cost me at medinetat l nasr?


Country: Egypt


Dear Mr.
Hope you a nice stay in Egypt.

Concerning what you asked about flat in Nasr city , the better is to be in contact with a real state agent in cairo , I drop you here a page link to one of them.

I think they are good , also i must tell you that they wil have some thing like one month as a commention.

My opinion that the salary you mentioned 4000 Eg. Pound is too little to live in cairo with 4 kids

For the arabic i drop you also by in here one of the centers in Nasr City ( madinet nasr) so you can contact them also.

I am sorry to tell you that life in Egypt is not that economic as most of tourists think.

Any way if you see that i can help please let me know and i do think that a month rate for a flat of three bed rooms in madinet nasr will not be less than 4000 EG Pound

Enjoy your time


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