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Country: South Africa


Food in South Africa is generally speaking very affordable. All cities and towns have a large range of possibilities on offer. In the major centers the selection of excellent restaurants are limitless. Many different tastes are catered for which range from seafoods, Indian, Italian, Greeck, Chinese, French etc etc.
Amazing. The food here is so diverse and almost mimics that of Europe and other places outside Africa. While we are happy to invite you to dine in our own quisines, you might miss home and we have that covered as well. Any place you walk in has the highest standards of service and has great menus. From fried chicken to salads of emmaculate taste. We have learnt from the best and used it to our own foods. Nothing compares
As we are the rainbow nation, the food is multi - International. You can have from steaks, fish, venison everything. Even Vegetarian food is available. South Africa has one of the best chefs - even the local little places you can rely on a good selection. Indian and Malay curries or "Pap and Wors" or the Bunny Chow will delight your taste buds. Everything is clean and you can eat everything from salads to Ice cream. Our water is as well safe to drink. Come and enjoy it
South Africa has a very varied cuisine, as we are a Hodge podge of people from All over the world, we have the European type foods, we have the spicy eastern foods and we have the unique South African "Braai" which is similar to Barbecue but with a serious South African Flavour. You will no redoubtably find something to suit all types and tastes when it comes to food. South Africans are a nation of people that really enjoy there food.
food: very intersting question !
south africa is a multi-cultural country
therefore boosts about the finest crusine
to a impickable service and standard
what ever you desire's are no problem
enjoy your visit to a very special part of the world
Food is south africa is great we a rainbow nation, thus we have a variety of dishes to suit your taste, from the finest dining to our south africa braai, potjies and pap and wors and gravy not forgetting samp and beans, vegetarian dishes, chinese, spicy and hot roti rolls and breyanis and durban curry is just a few. We also have pizza, pasta and all sorts of fast food chains that the other 1st world countries have to offer. So you definately wont go hungry in south africa and you certainly will find something that suits your taste. Enjoy

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