what is a reasonable fee for a 3 day trip?


Country: South Africa


That is a very broad question and not easy to answer without knowing what you would like to do. South Africa is a big country and in 3 days you could only focus on one region or city for example Cape Town. Cape Town has many tourist opportunities and accommodation ranges from affordable backpackers to comfortable 3 star accommodation up to exclusive hotels, BB and private villas.

Excluding flights you could get away between R500 - R750 = US$ 70 - US$100 per day for accommodation and meals. Most hotels would have access to activities that you can participate in, again depending on your interests.
This depends entirely upon where you want to go, what you want to see, the standard of accommodation (budget to 5 star), whether it is high or low season, etc.
You would have to be much more specific with your question.

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Good Day: Explore The Garden Route has a number of tours that might suite you, especially pocket-wise. Best thing is to check out: and click on "tours"
As everyone is answering you, it is very difficult, as we have from backpackers to luxury tours everything. Please let us know what your budget is, than we can offer you anything from USD 100.00 upwards. We have to know as well fee for what? Only accommodation, tour with guides etc. Unfortunately you have to be more specific.
To be able to answer this accurately, I would need to know WHERE you want to go, WHAT type of Accommodation you require from 5 star to Camping. WHEN you would want to go, High Season or Low season. More details and a more accurate answer can be given. Regards Aubrey
This is a very difficult question to answer as the price depends on what all you want included as well as the destination. I am very happy to assist if you would like to provide me with further details.
great question-need more information to be able to assist
regards from cape town
As everyone already answered, we need more information regarding your planned trip, where you want to go and what you needs will be. The area also depends alot on the price, if you want to go to Camp's Bay there will be a difference in the price to stay in Gordonsbay for example. If you want to visit the Lowveld area, you can visit the Kruger Park for reasonable rates, but if you are looking for 5 star rates there are various private lodges in the area. Be more specific and I can gladly assist.

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