i want to visit Egypt, let me know what needed??


Country: Egypt


Hi Mohamed

Very unspecific question but i can tell you that you need a valid passport and valid money.

If you decide to give more details i will be happy to help you

Enjoy your time

hi Mohamed you need alote but it depends on what do you want to do or see or spend ,,,, so if you deceide send me i will be happy to help
i can help you to visit almost famous place in cairo & egypt
hi Mohamed you need alote but it depends on what do you want to do or see or spend ,,,, so if you deceide send me i will be happy to help
hi mohamed,
first of all you need to get your visa before you arrive to egypt ,it's easy and you can get it from the Egyptian Embassy in your country.
Then what you need here ,it depends on what you want to do and where you want to go.......if you need any more help please let me
hi mohamed!

hopefully you are doing well, beside all the answers from the others guys about passport,money ...etc you should tell me about your nationality, coz of your visa some nationalities they should get the entry visa in advance before they should travel to egypt, others they can get the entry visa up on arrival . some others they need no visa at all .... my email is : . if you like i can help you with pleasure for any thing you like to know about that and your visit to egypt, hotels, tours what ever good day nader
ur question is very open
first of all if u r eyptian need s valid passport for transfert u can visit my web site
my answer will be the same , money , passport , some good arabic words and lots of friends
to visit Egypt you have to do the following :
1- Exact date of the visit.
2- No. of persons who want to visit Egypt.
3- The required level of hotels.
4- The proposed duration of the visit to spend in Egypt.
after this if you an American or Eurpian you can get the entry visi at Cairo airport.
for other nationality visa issue from egyptian empassy in your country .

thanks & Best Regards,

Mohamed Habib
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valid passport and money
Hi - you'll need a passport with at least 6 months to go before it expires, get your visa form the Egyptian Embassy in your country (some nationalities can get a visa at the point of entry but not all) and bring currency such as US dollars or Euros. Light clothes for summer - it's VERY hot - and bring a hat and sunscreen (or buy it here) and comfortable walking shoes. Don't forget your camera.

Personally I think it's much easier to tour and travel in Egypt with a tour company - and to make your bookings in advance, especially for the winter high season... I have placed some other traveller advice in the lists on my profile. You can find even more at or

If I can be of any further help to you please don't hesitate to ask...

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel
mohamed how do u do u ? i tjink it's alot but u can contact me on my mail to be useful for u and that's totaly free my mail ...

with my best wishes
Hola Man ,
it depend in what u want to do here
if u want more information u can contact me through that mail

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