i am looking for temporary work while travelling through portugal in a van - is it easy for an English person to pick up jobs along...

...the way?


Country: Portugal


It´s not easy but if you are prepared to earn less than you should...just try a mall or a restaurant in Cascais or Algarve! You are brave :)
it depends on what you're willing to do, there are a lot of places that accept temps, here's some sites you can check out:

just to name a few, all of them are offering temp jobs.
callcenters in lisbon,rural work north to south -ask in the café.otherwise fifty fifty chance wherever you email we can meet when you are in lisbon.
It would be very difficult for you to find work that you were well compensated for. You should ideally have some Portuguese under your belt unless you are going to work exclusively with only English speakers in the service industry. The Portuguese have ample employees for this. With unemployment as bad as it is right now, I would think you would have a hard time finding temp employment.
It´s not easy but I think it depends on what kind of skills you have to offer. I suppose that if you are keen on working on the restauration area you´ll problably manage, other wise I wouldn't recomend it. Good luck with it.
in algarve lots of flyers (leaflets) jobs in summer bit of bar work try
With this recession on I don't think you'll have an easy time. But think positive. If you're a happy guy, willing to help more than earn money, I'm sure you'll come across something sooner or later. Try hanging around English speaking people as they might be better advisers than the Portuguese are. Don't expect too much though :)
The other advisers here summed it up pretty well.
One area where you might get something would be helping DJ's but until you prove you're good at that, be ready for fierce competition. Main spots to try your luck : Cascais and the Algarve. All the best, mate
Previous answers are wrigth. In Algarve you can also try this site: Algarve Directory and newspaper ads Algarve 1,2,3. Local foreigner community uses this two tools.There are probably more but I only know this 2. You also can bring second hand items and go to local bootsales. You may need in some to apply for a permission to sale. In Algarve €35 per day is the normal pay for rural work,(for men), if you can handle hard work under the hot algarvian summer. Example forcing carob beens to fall from the tree using a long and heavy "eucalipto" stick. Guaranteed extreme workout. If you didn`t gave up by now, good luck!If you`re around Algarve in summer you can help me picking my own carob beans: I use a bamboo stick and only work urly in the morning and late in evening and will give you 50% of the harvest, but that means only about €250 cause I only have few trees. One "arroba" (15kg) can be sold for €5 if the price is the same as in 2008. It varies but lately this have been the price.
Hi... your chance is 50% to 50% i think you can visit this sites and send your CV or in Algarve or Lisbon maybe you find more chance good luk

hello traveller,
work for an english person in Portugal is not that easy a it seams, it always depends on wich areas of portugal ur going to.
Algarve is the perfect destination for u, alot of work and alot of turist , wich make the job searh easier.
U can try restaurants, hotels, coffes, bars everything that is connected to turism.
Along the way in the main citys as oporto and lisbon is a litle bit more hard to get it, to much ppl and alot working almost for free..

Regarding to the pay check, be prepare, you are not going to earn millions... we are one of europes lowest paycheck at the end of the month, consider your self lucky if u get a full time job and get 500euros.
but if ur lucky u can work part time and earn alot more ;)

good luck for ur adventure , i think u will enjoy portugal..
it's not easy when you don't speak Portugese and you don't earn much. But life is also not so expensive.
I think you have the most success in the Algarve.
There are several English papers in Portugal like the Portugal News. that's a good place to start looking for a job.
You can try in Algarve, were lot of international tourist flock in the summer. In the rest of the country in my honest opinion, it will be difficult to find a job.
It is very difficult as most people have stated as most companies require a little Portuguese. Many of the British bars and restaurants have staff that either stay here over the winter doing very little but restart again in the summer or simply go back to the UK for the winter and return for the summer. Saying that though, their are people that do take on bar staff and a few companies are taking on telemarketers for out bound calling to the UK and Eire markets. Try "The Resident" paper or the "Portugal News".
You have to realize Portugal is a poor country. The minimum wage is something like 420 euros a month, recently gone up, was 360. Portugal is part of the globe and there is a global crises. If you are planning to go to the Algarve you might get some tourism related work or if you meet an expat you might get some building/gardening type work. Otherwise trying to get work in the Portuguese economy, its pretty difficult, especially if you don't speak the lingo. What is possible is for you to work as a wwoofer (Willing Workers on Organic Farms)or Extra Help both internet based organisations that put voluntary workers in touch with farms that will give food and accommodation in return for work (usually hard)let me know if you need the contacts but you should be able to goggle with the info I have given. I don't want to put you off, its can also be cheep living in a van and no one will mind you parking up anywhere, even in the cities. Good luck
Hello , the best way is to check allthe websites in those answers.

Best regards, ângelo
in your shoes i would try around lagos.
Good Luck mate.
Hi! If you drive through the coast, specialy if you travel to the south, you can get some jobs in Bars, Restaurants, Campings, etc, i.e. mainly jobs related to tourits, since you speak a foreign language which sometimes helps these places. But the best way is to ask for some help in the town's cafes. In these places you can find many thinks, such as rooms in private houses, temporary jobs and a lot more! I'll be at your disposal if you need any further information. Good luck! Ana Filipa
as most people have said algarve is the best place to come to and lots do but last year a lots of bars needed people especially early season
I wouldn't say it was easy to pick up work but it's like anythingg if life if you prepared to put the effort in and be flexible you will get soemthing. In the Cascais area there are lots of bars and restaurants that often advertise for staff during peak holiday times. Which ever part of Portugal you ar driving througy its probably a good idea to visit the local Tourist Inforamtion Office and they can guide you. Good luck
Having worked in Algarve restaurant business for many years I think it is not difficult for you to find something if you are willing to work as a waiter or barman. Try Lagos or Albufeira. For many waiter jobs English is the only required language spoken. Try to pick up and put in some Portuguese as much as you can. Your Portuguese clients appreciate it. Kitchen jobs are available as well but more in establishments owned by foreigners.
Throughout the season bars and restaurants may be in need of staff from one day to the other, so don't give up easily.

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