anyone offering a home stay in Vietnam? how much? will arrived in vietnam on april 25 til may 5th.need a friend who can show me around...

...can offer little compensation Thanks


Country: Vietnam


Hi Roger,
Homestays are EXACTLY what we do in Tay Ninh. We also have contacts and people all across the country who we can arrange a stay with.
WOW, what a pity! I will be traveling that period!
There is an available room in my house then I can provide you a home stay but my house isn't near the central city, bout 40 minutes to city center by motor bike. However, if you like hanging around rural sites then this will be an exciting experience. More over, I can take you around the city or further but worries cuz I used to be a tour guide.
USD 20 for accommodation only. any question so far, email me plz.
20$ a day?
yes, include laundry. Because I think meals doesn't cost much and you can enjoy food at several places. However, We can cook for you if you want.
A home stay in Sapa is a great experience that gets you much closer to the real people of Vietnam and to see a side of life that is quite different from other parts of the country. If you are planning to go that way, i can help you to find a suitable place to visit. The cost is very reasonable.
Can you tell me which city you want to come? So that everyone can satisfy your requirement. Also, If you want to visit Hue city, I'll offer you a home stay without fee, but you must pay for your spending on food, transportation and so. I'm glad to welcome you to my ancient city. Oh, don't worry about the price of above things cuz they are quite chip there. If you want to know more information, please visit my profile and if you have any question, send me email. My address: . Nice time!
Hi Roger, i think you had a answer from Hang Nguyen. 20$/day is good and fair cheap, you can enjoy the life of Vietnamese and special food at her house as "Bun", "pho" and "banh xeo" if she can cook ha ha...
Good luck when you come Viet Nam.
Why Home Stay ??? When you can have your own private place right in the middle of one of the most popular tourist Hub's in Ho Chi Minh city and be rubbing elbow's with others like yourself with various degress's of knowledge of just about everything Vietnam has to offer. Besides, Home Stay can be expensive (hidden expenses) and remember once in and under someone's umbrella you can become an unwilling hmmmmmmm but if you are in a place where you control and have unlimited access to proper facilities and other sources of travel, lodging, food, and support at your fingertips, just a short walk from your place of stay, why do home stay unless you want to be native but remember you are subject to the whims of those you tie up with. Go it alone and find your own way by landing in the Tourism Hub with information to no end in your hand daily. The 'why and how' is obvious and the 'Where is easy to'. Just get off the airplane jump in a taxi and tell them to take you to Pham Ngu Lao Street which is downtown area near the New World Hotel and close to just about everything a tourist might wish to see before jumping in all hands and feet. But, if you are a Home Stay kind of person, then you can check out your current messages on the board at this site which are directing you to some places to go to but having lived here for more than 20 years, I do not give any advice but if it were me, I would wade in slowly and check out the water before diving in as there are many "gottcha's" here and some are not so nice. Good luck with your visit in Vietnam as it has so much to offer and so much to see. I am sure you will enjoy it but like all adventure's there can be up's and down's so prepare for both. Chow.
well well Andy, unfortunately that I can cook hahahahah...but..not so well.
Thanks for your supporting anyway.
If I have a house in Hanoi, I will offer you for free of charge but I only have an office here. My house is in Ha Tinh province but none there can speak English although they are very friendly and hospitable. So if you would like, I will be happy to show you around Hanoi for half of day or a full day depending on my availability.
Welcome to Vietnam and I hope that you will have a nice trip here!

With best regards,
i have no information about homestay program in vietnam
please look on ibnternet
i have no information about homestay program in vietnam
please look on ibnternet
Hey guy, I can not offer u a homestay. But if u want i will help u to find a hotel around Bui Vien Street, Ho Chi Minh city. Many foriegners are there. I know 1 hotel about 25 USD/day, it is good. My friend stayed there and he likes it. And i can take u around if u like.
Why would you want a home stay? Hotels with all amenities in a family setting are really cheap- Cheaper than some have quoted her fro honestay!
In remote area or small town, you can find home stay at about 3usd/ nite for accommodation such as Hien Hao village on CAt Ba island, Mai Chau valley in Hoa Binh, Sapa and its area, Phong Nha - Kebang, Northwest mountains, Northest provinces, Nam Dinh province at Xuan Thuy national park, Mekong Delta as Ben TRe, Cai Be, Vinh Long,... Hanoi, Danang, Hochiminh city only hotels are available, price start from 7-8 usd. Welcome to Vietnam!
stay in the hostel in the big cities like hanoi or hcm is better. cheers.

Most local people in Viet Nam are so strange with the word 'home stay' mate.So I think you should stay in a hotel, if you want I could take you around to show you what in my hometown. I don't work for money, just for fun. If you want, search 'Hoi An', it's a very beautiful place. Nice day!
Hi Roger

More likely, if you're in a city, Hanoi or HCM, there's no need for homestay, as it may be inconvenient, especially if there's lots of going out and drinking to do. However, it may be better to bunk in with friends or friends of friends. I'm still new here but if you're interested, do have some ppl I can refer you to. Bobby Liu
Hi! Can you tell me which city you will visit in Vietnam? If you visit Ho Chi Minh City, I can help you. I could show you around the city. I works that just for my hobby.If you would like, you could give me a lot of chocolate :) If you like, you can contact me at
i'm living HANOI so if you want to come here i wuold be your guide (free).but in hanoi you should live in's good.send me email if u want a free guide:d
Hi Roger, I think you should be in a guest house or in a mini hotels in the centre of Hanoi. There are many such places for you with suitable cost & convenient location. I could be your free guide on Sat and Sun if you want to see around Hanoi.
There are many mini hotel or guest house in HCMC . You can come to Bui Vien st , De Tham st ,they have alot of cheap hotel about $12 - $17 per night . Also in Le Thanh Ton st they have very nice hotel , wifi ,breakfast , resturant ...It's depend how much you want to pay .
Hi Roger,

I would say, a homestay at $20 is quite expensive and indeed it's far away from the centre of the city, thus you would spend much more for transportation, yeah, if you can stay in mini hotel, it's just around 15-17$ and it's quite good,

I and some other (someone interested in showing you around the city) can hang out with you, I'm just doing it for my interest so, I won't charge you any hehe ^^

Although given that my time is limited but I can help you with the detailed information where you wanna go and what do you wanna see. ^^

Contact me as
I think homestay's very interesting and "worthy" only IF you want to visit and stay in rural or suburb areas, like in other provinces in Mekong Delta, to have a true taste of Vietnamese agricultural lifestyle. If you want to spend your time in cities like HCM city or Hanoi, wandering around, buying cheap stuff, hanging out with friends, getting stuck in traffice jams, ... then it's better to book a hotel room.

It's like there're 2 different versions of Vietnam. You should check out both!
if u are going to come to Hn, u should stay at a small hotel, it won't cost much! And i'm plz to go aroud with you(sure that it's free)
Ya, We all welcome you to visit Vietnam, but depends on where you will visit, you should choose a place then tell us, because you have 10 days to stay here, right! I think you should choose a mini- hotel better than home-stay because we dont have many home-stay here, and your own room is more comfortable than home stay, ang as I told you before, the fee is around 25$ per day. If you visit HCM City, I and my friends are willing to take you go around and visit some provinces not too far from here. Think carefully and make your decision! Have a good day!
mahal ano?mas mahal pa sila sa hotel.$9-10 oks na
I agree that homestay in Vietnam is not convenient for travelers, it's better that you look for a hotel near the city center. It's a pity that I will be traveling during that period too so I cannot show you around, but if you need some tips on where to go or what to do in the city, I can help.
Sure, there is. It is about 3-4 million dong per month. if you want I can be your friend to show you around or I can find a friend for you but it depends on how friendly and kind you are. :)
i would advise you not to stay at homestay since there are so many mini hotels near the city center for example on Pham Ngu Lao or Ly Tu Trong street in Saigon that offer good room with relatively low rate ($15-$20). You never know what you get at homestay... it might be pleasant or ugly ;-)
I have many tours start from Hanoi offer home stay with local people around the north of Vietnam like Mai Chau, Sapa, Ba Be National park. See more detail in my website :
Homestay, share meals with local host, experience the local culture and its people...that's exactly what we are doing for Sustainable Tourism. Visit our site for more details information at:

Thanks and Having fun!
First of all, I'm pleased to take you around the city, go shopping, and enjoy real Vietnamese for FREE. Also, I can pick you up at the airport.
Secondly, I'm sorry I can't offer you homestay because I'm renting a room in HCM city. I'm from Ha Noi. Can you tell me exactly which city in Vietnam you will come? However, I can book hotel for you depend on how much you would like to spend. Otherwise, I can rent a room for you too if you want to be here more than 2 weeks. It is definitely cheaper, around $180 - $250/ month.

I hope I can help you. Any further information please contact me +84909669895.
Hi, eager to get a home stay in hue, the old capital of Vietnam?
Hi,20 USD, stay at my house, i will show you around Vietnamese and country side.
If u want to travel around HCM City, I don't offer home stay but I will offer 01 person to guide you to discover HCM City with the fee 50$/day. This fee is just the commision for guider, not include accomodation/meals/tranportation/travel ticket (if any).
Hi! i dont know where you come to stay in Viet Nam? And you are male of female? If you are female and stay in Ho Chi Minh City. i want to give you a support. You can stay at my home (free for you) It's about 5km to go to central, . And i will go with you and show you around city. if you want to come to melkong delta, stay at homestay. we can go by motobike or bus and stay at my friend's home in melkong delta.It 's very wonderfull in there. My offer to you is that you have to pay all fee for yourself. And for tour guide is me : 5 dollars/ happy if you come here. because i like to make friend and you will help me to practise english ha ha.... i dont use it for a long time.
I can't offer you home-stay but I can show you around the city for free in my free time if you are coming to Hue. At weekends I might also take you to tourist attractions if I can arrange my timetable. See you
Room for rent in Hochiminh City (6hits)
Home stay, long period, friendly family, excellent location in downtown in Hochiminh City. Budget from USD350 to USD 450 monthly.

Address: 24/8 Thu Khoa Huan Street, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam. Suitable for foreigner stay and works.


• Air-conditioner

• Satellite TV

• Refrigerator

• Broadband Internet (ADSL) cables/wireless

• Telephone

• Double bed

• Private wash room with bathtub

• Cloth cabinet and making up table and chair

• Hot water (solar energy and electrical system)

• Private storage

• Room with (balcony)


• 24 hours of hot water

• No curfew required

• Bed linen and towel

• Laundry facilities

• Rooms cleaned 2 times/week


Really in down town, aprox. 50 metric from Ben Thanh market, 100 metric from Independent Palace, 3 minutes walk to Ben Thanh Market Bus Station. Map Details visit by and insert the house address to get way.

How to get us from air port:

Take a bus from Tan Son Nhat air port to Ben Thanh Bus station, go to address: 24/8 Thu Khoa Huan Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Hochiminh City, Vietnam.

you can choose to rent room in Bui Vien street,Pham Ngu Lao streer,De Tham street in HOCHIMINH city where have a lot of foreigners who like travelling by backpack.
if you want a person who guide for you about hcm city,contact with me :
you are welcome to VN.nice to know you and see you.
Well.... many experts in here :)

Roger that! :)

If you wanna know student's life here, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, you can stay in our room, and ... we won't charge you any penny.

Sure i can show you around here, or any places i've known (Ho Chi Minh, Vung Tau, Dong Nai, Nha Tranh, Quy Nhon...)in a local style.

Good luck to you!

This is a link of hostel in Hanoi, and I think it's a good idea. The price is reasonable. You should call them to book a bed or a room in advance because they're always full of guests.
Tell me how you want your tour or visit in Vietnam to be - is it adventure, cycling, trekking, cruising etc. You can do so by going to , click on trip planner, you will be immediately taken to a free trip planner page. Here you can fill in how you will like your tour to be - your taste, holiday period, interest etc. and we will take care of the rest, just make sure your email address is correct. Otherwise you may contact us on or by Email , Remember quality service is what we are after. Thanks
at present,i am staying my's aunt and family,therefore,it will be uneasy that i can give you home stay at my's house.But i will help everybody ,when you come here, i think i will find out another place so that everybody can stay when coming here,and i will feel very happy when i will be local tour guide if you and everybody agree,at a matter of fact,i am being a student at university,and i want to creat a chance for myself in order to improve and practise english ,therefore,there are the unwanted things about ability of mine such as :english is not good at hearing very much ,or that kind of thing,but i think everything is ok if we can sympathize and learn experiences each other , do you think so?and i need a several informations about you and your friend,such as ,where are you from?what do you do and so on,if you can give more details about you so maybe, i will be more easy in order to have interpraction in the future,ok.i will give you a little information about myself i'm staying HO CHI MINH city,and i'm 21 ,i'm studying tourism and hospitality management ,my's house is near central city ,so i can guide you about my's city,but i don't know that you and your friend will come Viet Nam ecxactly from where,ok you can phone for me in order to know extra details by mobile phone of mine:0084(country code of mine) 01229947464 or my's house 9430988.
If you stay in Hue City (which you shouldn't miss, as it is the ancient capital), I can help you arrange a homestay. The price really depends on what you want / need. If you merely need a room and the experience of staying with locals, it could be quite inexpensive. Food is cheap here, too. If you expect services, such as laundry etc, of course the price would be higher.

Also, I am a proffesional tour guide/ tour leader, and would be happy to help arrange any kind of sightseeing or tour to suit your budget. You can lood at my profile to get an idea. You can email me directly at
Good luck, and enjoy your trip to Vietnam!
Hi Roger
Plz let me know where exactly u wanna go? Hanoi or HCM city?Homestay is a lodging option that involves staying in a private home. This option is frequently offered when the purpose of travel is to learn a foreign language.
If you want,feel free to contact me.I will show you more information.
Hey... If u arrive Ho Chi Minh City, I will recommend a interesting price. ABout 5-10$/ perday (just accomodation) in Pham Ngu Lao street. Near the center of city , just some feet of walking. I can help you when u come to Ho Chi Minh City.. Welcomed to Ho Chi Minh City.
for my suggestion, in cities like Hanoi, Hochiminh city, it's better you rent a room in a hotel. It's nearer to the center and cheaper, price is around 20$ per day for a normal one. If you need some place more luxury, of course it cost more. About some mountainous places, you can do the home stay travelling, and people over there they have service, but i dont have much experience on this
which city you will visit?
If you visit Ho Chi Minh city, please tell me then I will try to give you some more information.
Hope to seeing you in Ho Chi Minh city
try contacting he is a tour guide in the contry and im sure he can help you !!
Hi my friend,
If you want to stay in my home is welcomed.
5usd/day and i will be your tour guide as well.
Please contact me at for details.

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