Where can i eat good western food in Bangkok ?


Country: Thailand


Why would you want western food in Thailand. Eat Thai food here, it is really good and tasty.
Western food can be eaten in most hotels, but beware, it commands western prices and steaks are expensive. Western wines are marked up 800 %.
My advise is to eat and try Thai food, you will love it. We have spicy and not so spicy and .... just try it, be daring. Everybody here eats Thai food.
greetings from Thailand Sadeepa.

Wester food is available in many places in Bangkok and other cities throughout Thailand, but in the many places that Ive sampled it does not match the taste of home, Thais are excellent cooks for their own food but using western style cooking it falls short. Also any place that sells western food is many times more expensive than local food. If you look at the adds in the Bangkok post and decide to dine at one of these places take a pocket full of money. if you want cheap western style food you can always eat in McDonalds or KFC which there are plenty. enjoy your time in Bangkok.
Hello, Sadeepa!

I have been to Thailand more than 20 times, and indeed one can find western food all over the country, especially in Bangkok, of course. Try major hotels' restaurants.

One of MY favorites are an Italian restaurant LIDO on Sri Bumphen Street - Sathorn Soi One area: just go along the street - away from the Malaysia Hotel, pass IBIS Hotel, and the Lido will be on your right. Across the street, just opposite Lido, there is a very nice Steak House. Prices are very affordable in both palces too! Try both if you wish!

I personally, prefer Thai food -- "When in Thailand, do as the Thai do", you know ;-) There is the best Pad Thai place down the same street on the left: two Thai guys make it so authentic and so tasty! I just love it!

Good luck and enjoy your stay in Thailand.
The Landmark Hotel is excellent, and has many different places inside to choose. The view from the restaurant on the top floor is great and so is the food. In Siam Paragon the Oriental Hotel has a great place. Neils Steak house is mouth watering.
New Orleans Ribs, there are so many great places in Bangkok.
By far Dukes is the best. They also have 2 restaurants in Chiang Mai.


Anywhere in Khao San road has Western food, but the better Western food is to found in Silom and Sukhumvit.
Silom Soi Convent has a Mexican restaurant which is quite good. Sukhumvit has many Middle Eastern and Indian restaurants.
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