i am asing about schools at medinet al nasr in cairo. schools for children and schools for learning arabic


Country: Egypt


Concerning your questions about schools nearby Madinet nasr:
I guess you are asking about privet ones , if not let me know please
There is a lot of them but I do recommend you the next ones as they are international (American system)
- The new generation international school
- The International school of Egypt
The second one is better one , the rate range for this schools is between 25 to 35 thousand Egyptian Pound including the bus round trip.
They are not exactly in Madinet Nasr but they are nearby (20 to 30 minutes in Car or bus)
Depending on the children nationalities there is also the official international schools like:
The German International School in the area of Dokki – Hard study and reasonable rate 15 thousand per year for kid
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Hi, if you look at the ILC courses web page you will find there are a number of places where you are able to learn Arabic. They are split into Classical Arabic and Egyptian Arabic. It depends what you are wanting to learn and why. For schools for children I am unable to help, but I do know that most nationalities have their own school there eg German, British, French, American etc
The new generation international school
The International school of Egypt
Hi - what great answers you have already received - I live over the other side of the city, totally, so I'm not so familiar but I have heard good things of the International School of Egypt.

Wishing you luck in finding the best for you and your family

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel
i am sorry answer your question ,because i dont have enough information about schools, & education in cairo but i am going to make a quick research to get some information for u .

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