How do we manage to attend Morocco's 10 Million prospective by the end of this year?


Country: Morocco


Actually the Moroccan governement didn't the best for make that prospective come true!
many many thing are all together as Mentality & thinking way, hotels, transport, hospitality, if we didn't fix one of this essentiel things I think will never make it!
Tourists wants everything that will make their holiday peaceful, happy, comfprtable... to make them back again! but without that will not get the numbers of tourists as Turkey .eg!
It s partially true, I have always noticed - when we go promote Morocco in the world's biggest travel fairs such as WTM or Top Resa and others- that Morocco is not really known that much. As for the government's efforts, We have always tried to get in touch with officials abroad for meetings, dinners etc. but they rarely attend.

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