who knows where i can go in cairo just to rest and get out of the crazy day time...?


Country: Egypt


Hi Adel

There is many places in Cairo (inside the city and nearby) where you can go and take a rest:

1: Any 5 stars hotel where you can take a day use (preferable not week end) , so you can enjoy a swimming pool day and a lot of many other activities depending on which hotel you choose and the rate you would like to pay.

2- I also recommend Sakara Country Club , it is the same idea but in plan more resort (you must call them for reservation before) because sometime they only accept members.

3- There is some resorts on the desert road of Cairo / Alex where you can also spent all the day there.

I my self use to go to the Marriot hotel in Zamalek , it is classy and different and inside Cairo , a little bit expensive but it is ok for one day / some days i want to spent less money i go for Sofitel Sphinx it is nice and the price is good.

If you need better price but also less level based on the same (Day Use Hotel) some times i go fo the Oasis hotel , it is ok

If you need telephones or if your plan is not the one i mentioned just let me know and i think i can help.

Enjoy your time

thank you jack ...but i know this places,,,really i need to know more new places.......but thank you any way.
you can check out mohamed ali club 13 km agriculture road to upper egypt
Try heading out of town to the Oasis...nice and relaxed...maybe tell us what kind of things interest you as number one has given loads of suggestions and you do not seem keen. Better still hop on a quick flight and come to Sharm or Dahab to relax by the sea.
There is some resorts on the desert road of Cairo / Alex
For me I would go to Al Azhar Park - this is a beautiful large green space that will offer you a peace and relaxation that you might have thought you'd never find in Cairo :-) There are also a number of excellent restaurants and cafes if you would like a meal or snack while you're there.... there's a tiny entrance fee...

You could also walk in Giza Zoo - one Egyptian pound to enter and lots of trees and gardens as well as the animals, there's a museum inside as well.

I also like to go to the Museum in the quieter periods - you can really lose yourself there.... :-)

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel
the zoo.
oasis hotel on the cairo alex road , good spot , not much traffic , calm 2

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