I will be gratefull if you help me with contact of a publisher. I will be translating a book from Bulgarian to english.The book would be related to the Bulgarian healer Neli Dimitrova for more information : She has written a book with the healed cases and people.The book has healing pictures which she has drawn / u can see the pics online at her website/ and the healed cases are also presented. . If you yourself are a publisher in an English speaking country it would be much appreciated to contact me so as to give you more details of the book and its content or either know someone who publishes that might be interested. Veselina Spasova Thank you


Country: South Africa


Good day here are contact details of an South African Publishing house. Your more than welcome to contact them with your quiries.

PASA Publishers Associatios of South Africa

Unit 305
2nd Floor, The Foundry
Prestwich Street 8051
Green Point

P.O Box 106

Tel: +27 (0) 21 4252721
Fax: +27 (0) 21 4213270

Best Regards
Thanks Adelle, and all the time I thought this was for questions about travel to various parts of the world, EISH!
Hi Veselina I thought this is a site were traveling is concernerd. Thanx
Dorette Louw - publishing director - 021 532 6000 will be in on Monday 16/03/09 will redirect to international publisher.
I have two for you, you can Google:
Society Promoting Authors and Memoires (SPAM)
The International MEmoire Writer's Association for Study and Thesis Editions. (TIMEWASTE).

We want tourists to come to South Africa, if they are writers, that's good too

Please contact the South African publishers Association. They are on the internet


Good day Ma'am,

I see that you are looking for a medical publisher as the article/book is healing orientated.

Please try :
or call +27 21 681 7200

Publishes of articles and journals relating to medical issues

Best regards


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