Hi . I live in Cairo / Egypt. On your page i saw some information about the hot air balloon in Luxor , My question is how much is the...

...price for this trip i ll be in Luxor the next week. I prefer to have the answer directly on your page , thank you , Marie


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Hi Marie,

I think it costs around $150, you can find more info by visiting the below link:

Let me know if I can be of any more help.

hi maire well hot air balloon works only in luxor it costs around 90 english pound including the transfer to the ballon station too early in the morning to see the sun raise over the clouds wow, it is daily trip but you should book it 2 days in advance at least if you are intrested i can book it for you iam in cairo now days this is my mail :
its $165 include food and drink and the Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours hope i helped you
Hi,the hot air balloon trip in Luxor is prety nice,there is 2 trips a day but offcorse it depends on the wether and the wind ,on some rare occasions it is canceled,but when they do that you get a compleete refund.
The first trip starts about 4 am,a bus or a van will pick u up from ur hotel among other clients even from different hotels,the u will board a nice motor boat where they will serve u a light breakfast mainly coffee or tea and cake,then the motor boat will take u to the west bank of Luxor where u will see everything from the begging of setting the balloon to blowing it up,then boarding it for about 45 minutes to one hour,thae balloon basket is quite big it contains about 12 people.then after landing the van or bus will drive u back.
Tha 2nd trip is about 8 to 9 am it depends after the first trip ends.
I advice to take the first trip it is just magnificent,sun rise is amazing,and u can get the best scenery ever,with great photos.
I also advice while u r up there dont get too close to the edge of the balloon basket and never try to lean over it no matter how good of a shot u want to get it is not worth falling,unless u have wings then go for it and send it to me please.
It costs 150 u s $.
I live in Cairo,and i am in Cairo now but i can send u to someone i know there in Luxor that works for a balloon company and arrange everything for u.
Note that the flights r limited and u need to have reservation at least 24 hours before the flight.
I hope that answers ur question and helps u,i wish u a great time and a lot of fun,and if u do it,it is a lot of fun.
Nice to meet u Marie.
Best wishes,
Hi Marie,

For information about the Tour by Hot Air Balloon Over Luxor, please click this link . For further more details or clarification don't hesitate to contact me at and I will be Glade to help you anyway i can.Thankyou.
Good morning Marie

I think my colleague give you full details about the Hot Air Balloon trip in Luxor.

I would like to add that the price is variable depending on what Balloon Company the agent or the localyte deal with.

The most important thing in this trip is to go for the one who respect more the safety restrictions (not all of them respect it the same way) even it is controlled by the authorities in Luxor.

I do deal with one of the best in Luxor city and the price will be 120 US$ including all what mentioned my colleagues per person, reserving 1 day before will be enough for me to arrange it.

Please feel free to contact me any time

Enjoy your time

Hi Marie - you have plenty of answers below. There are quite a number of reputable companies in Luxor and they all offer basically the same trip. Take a look at

another very well reviewed company is Hod Hod Soliman

Prices will range from around US$90 to US$150 and of course, I recommend the sunrise trip even though it's a very early start. You do need to book in advance.

This is an amazing trip that you will so glad that you took :-)

If you want a trip booked for you just let me know and I can get you a confirmed price and we can book it for you

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel
it will cost US$110 per person and we deal with the best hot air balloon in Luxor called HOD HOD SOLIMAN
hi Marie,
i think you can check the price in my website......if you need help let me know
Hello Marie,
Have a nice day.
I can do it for you for only 100 US $ per person. Once you like to book, please contact me on OR
Best regards
i think about 170 dollars with a meal that's on luxor
about 170 $ per a person for 2 hours
the price is 450 LE. and i can reserve this trip 4 u if u want...text me if u want to reserve this trip... 0192312625
50-100 usd

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