hi im soon coming to america for my second degree,please can i get all the info i need?thanks


Country: United States


Hi nneka,

That is very exciting that you're coming for your second degree! Let me know where you're going to be and I can try to point you in the right direction.

Good luck!

thank you,i maybe be in western kentucky university,embry riddle daytona beach,john hopkins or some other school,i dont know yet...will let u know ,feel free to suggest the better places for foreign students..hope to finally settle down in america.
Wow. where to start. First of all, Congratulations! A Grad degree in
America is an excellent opportunity! Now the question is, where exactly are you looking to go for your graduate degree? This will influence a lot of information, about safety, housing, food, transportation, part time jobs, etc. Are you going rural, urban, East coast, West coast? Also, what are you interests, hobbies, passions, Major, etc? If you have the time to describe your situation a bit, then I would love to help get you acquainted. Until then, check for local newspapers to the area you are traveling to get a feel for whats going on there. Craigslist would also help for some information. Good luck!
thanks i studied civil engineering but i want to get a second degree in medicine and surgery,i have relatives living in carlifonia n baltimore so i may want to go to either of them especially john hopkins bcos its in maryland and it has a medical school
This is a huge question. I'll second the congratulations. I think you need to decide where you will be wanting to go to school and, of course, that will depend on your course of study. You must pick your school, contact the admissions office and learn all you can about the school, the area in which you will be living. If you know anyone in the US you might contact them for help. I wish you good luck in your new adventure!

I live in California and I am a professionally licensed Civil engineer here, and have been doing this for 20 years. Several things I will offer is that California is very expensive to live in and I am sure your School book fees and tuition are going to be high so I would seriously start putting a budget together as a starting point. I would also consider an MBA program also to enhance you upward mobility in what ever field you stay with academically.

Best wishes Chuck

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