What is the food like in Portugal?

Is it delicious? Can you recommend a few of your favorites and is it easy to order in restaurants there?


Country: Portugal


It is delicious and afordable.Do not forget...WE are a mediterranean people.Also you can have all the kind of food you like...but the portuguese kind are reaaly good ,fish and meat.You have to specify where are you intending to go.Food can be different around the country...North...Center...South...if you are looking for the real portuguese food...but you can have all kinds ...we have all the country´s living among us ...even the "Bangladesh",,,
Sorry, but Portuguese are not mediterranean people, they are atlantic people. And I'm quoting Miguel Esteves Cardoso. ;o)
It all depends what is delicious to you. The traditional portuguese food is very simple (too much after some time) and very salty, not for sensitive stomachs. It can be quite greasy and heavy, some dishes mixe meat with shellfish or shrimps. However, there is a great variety of fresh and tasty fish and a lot of vegetables. The soups are also great and cheap. The food also depends on the regions. Alentejo is well known for its hearty kind of meals, Porto has its own gastronomic tradition (Porto's inhabitants nickname is tripe-eaters), Lisbon and surbubs, I think, have the greatest restaurants (Japanese, French, Italian, Portuguese-world cuisine mixture), but those are more expensive. While the food is not maybe as spectacular as a tourist could imagine, Portuguese wines are more than fine, some are great, most of them delicious, very easy to drink and to appreciate. Favorite places in Lisbon: Aya, a japanese restaurant, Agua e Sal (Parque das Naçoes), Bica de Sapato. It is very easy to order in the restaurants. Most of them have an English menu and most of the Portuguese, especially working in that area, speak English or French. Bom apetite!
I disagree with you Miss a portuguese I must "declare" that when I refer Mediterranean ,I.m talking about people who use some ingredients common to people living near by.I´m talkind about olive oil most common in cooking,wine with food and so on..this is a Mediterranean ans specific quality ,and the restaurants you are talkink are fancy and expensive.We must be ready as "localytes" to point specially to foreigners the good and not expensive ones.I presume that people who look for this page are not interested in places wherw the prices are out of the question like "Bica do Sapato".People want cozy,nice and pleasant and specially cheap if possible ,with quality.
Now we must know were they stay this people,in the capital -Lisbon?,south,north,interior?And then if possible indicate the right spots.
Yes, we are not Mediterranean people but our cuisine is Mediterranean...abd I really don't agree with the location of the best restaurants...for world food maybe Lisbon, for portuguese food they're all over the country
Reply to Sr Manuel Espinho: The question regarding the restaurants was "Can you recommend a few of your favorites". This is what I did, recommended the restaurants I like. It was not my intention to suggest an expensive or fancy places to a tourist. By the way, the restaurants I've mentioned are full ot Portuguese people. This is their choice too.
Yes it is very delicious!... Of course it depends on what you like, but if you like mediterranean kind of food, you're on the right place...It can be very tasty and spicy sometimes, but it can also be very light (try the fish)...
You can be confortable and ask for advice in any restaurant. If you don't like it you can always try world food (almost in every big city you have italian cuisine, chinese, japanese,...)
Off course it´s delicious. I recommend almost everything, but it always depends what kind do you like. In Lisbon i recommend a restaurant called "Painel de Alcantara".Are not to expensive, all food is very good and it is easy to order.Don´t forget the wine, Try some from Alentejo or Douro.
Anna has given a good description of the various characteristics above. Tourists usually prefer the lighter fish dishes, but if your stomach enjoys a good filling, then the typical 'cozido à Portuguesa' should strike your fancy. As for restaurants, it all depends on your price range*... the best seaside places will obviously be pricier (e.g. most restaurants in Cascais). You can find good value for money in Bairro Alto, Lisbon, although these restaurants usually have an extremely limited seating capacity. Ordering should be easy everywhere, the majority of waiters understand English and usually the menu will be translated.

PS: to other answers - lets stick to the point and not turn this into a geographical debate
hi there, the food in portugal is great!!!!!
almost unic in all the world you just have to find the right places to eat.
From all the choices, you have the more tradicional from alentejo, Entrecosto com migas, carne de porco á alentejana, these are made from pig meat and are very good, then to the center part of portugal you have the CHANFANA, wicth is made from lamb cooked in red wine, then you have so many , here you can find out how to say a few words , and here you can find more about well knowed plates, and to eat fish it's the nacional dish and we basacly eat loads of it check out the link good luck and e
It is just fabulous! Try "Cozido à Portuguesa" or "Feijoada", very easy to find in any traditional restaurant! If you come to Cascais try "Camponês Restaurant" in Malveira, a town only 10 minutes distance from the city center! I'm sure you will enjoy it. I remain at your disposal if you need any further information! Best regards, Ana Filipa Quintão
Hi there. Definetly we are not really Mediterranean but have a lot of influence and similarities to our neighbors. The typical food is based on the same ingredients: Bread, olive oil, fish and meat(Lamb,Porc,goat, Rabbit etc), tomato, onion, garlic, potato and rice. Don't miss the grilled or boiled fish, açorda, cozido, sardines in the summer(on charcoal), filetes de pescada; or nice steaks, like Bitoque( normal thin steak w fries, iscas(liver), carne a alentejana(rice and peaces of meat and sea food). There are lots more so ask the waiter for more typical dishes.
But most important: Have fun!
the food in portugal is great

depends where you are going to recommend places
Yes it is... for instance:
Arouca (North of Portugal) A lovely restaurant with slates and Trilobites on the walls and many more...
Hello Joan, yes the food is delicious, it depends if you`re searching fish or meat, for Lisbon you have great reastaurants and usually those who appear at are good, in general we are recognized for our hospitality receiving outsiders, if you want to know some names of restaurants just tell me wich cities are you planning to go, best regards, Ângelo Costa Neves
Hello There, portuguese cousine is very delicious, we have alot of nice dishes for example:

carne de porco à alentejana
(alentejo pork meat with shellfish)

(beans with peaces of meat and rice)

Leitão da bairrada
(roast small pig)

(codfish, portuguese have alot of codfish dishes made in several ways, fried, roast, boiled)

The best to do is going to a tipical old fashion restaurant, not very fancy one, and try the typical food, it cheap and its a great experience, like that you will try the true portuguese cuiseine.

its a trully good culinary fest
Hello Joan,
The food in Portugal it's very good and delicious, but very different in each region because they have their special plates.
Please inform the region that you are going to visit, and I can give you more informations.
Best Regards
Delicious, yes. Most restaurants in Algarve have their menus translated into English to help you choosing.
There's good soups for a start and try for example seafood rice (arroz de marisco),Alentejo style pork meat (carne de porco alentejana), Octopus rice (arroz de polvo), or octopus salad (salada de polvo). Grilled fresh fish is beautiful. Sardines are best in the months without 'r' (May to september).
the food is tasty, but simple. The fish is great. You can eat here for not much money. Only in the tourist areas are more expensive restaurants. The simple restaurants where you find the Portuguese are the best and the cheapest. Most cards are also in English at least in the Algarve. But even in the Algarve in the smaller streets you will find enough good restaurants
I belive your question was answered already. Even so, don´t leave without trying grilled fish, seafood as a brunch (e.g. sapateira,navalheira,canivetes,percebes and bruxas), bacalhau, there are several ways to cook it and always good! During Autumn and Winter taste cozido à portuguesa, a mix of meat with cabbages and different kind of sausages and also try feijoada with several kinds of meat, sausages and beans! Never forget the wine that you can choose between red, white and verde. Enjoy your stay and our food!

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