Can anyone help me with a direct flightfrom liberia to corcovado area? We are traveling in July


Country: Costa Rica


Hi Mindy. Thanks for coming to Costa Rica. Did some calls and I came up with the following. There are no direct flights from Liberia to Corcovado first of all.
What would happen is that there would be a flight from Liberia into San Jose and from there you would have to take another flight into Palmar Sur. From there the hotel of your choice would come and pick you up so as to take you to Corcovado.
The flight schedules would be at 09:00 or at 16:00 hrs. from Liberia to San Jose.
There is only one flight that leaves bound to Palmar Sur and it takes of at 09:40.
I do hope this answers your question.
As for prices it is somewhere in the line of $137 from Liberia to San Jose and from San Jose to Palmar Sur it goes for $125. Each price given includes taxes and it is quoted per person.
Contact Sansa Airlines and also Nature Air flies there. You can fly into Drake's Bay and save the boat ride. Good luck
No direct flights from Liberia to Corcovado. You would have to fly Liberia-SJO then connect with a second flight SJO-Pto Jiménez or SJO-Drake Bay. Otherwise you will have to hire a private plane through Aerotaxi, Taxi Aéreo, or Nature Air.

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