Good Morning every one I live in Cairo and wanted to ask about a place named Nation House , i really do not know if it is in Cairo...

...or Alexandria? Thanks in advance. Peter


Country: Egypt


it's called (Magles al sha'b) in arabic, it's located near to al tahreer square, in a street called magles al sha'b street
i see that sherif have posted the answer,,,

but also there is the grave of SA'D zaghlool

they call it also this name

and it is beside Magles elsha'b
Dear all

Nation House is a textual translation for the Arabic words Beet El Omma which refers to Saad Zaghlool House one of the Egyptian leaders (1859 - 1927)

I think there some confusion in the answers of my colleagues (sherif and Ahmed)

Between what is Beet El Omma (Nation House) and Dareeh Saad (The Grave of Saad)

Beet El Omma (Nation House) Located at 6 Dareeh Saad St. Mounira , Cairo.

Dareeh Saad (Grave of saad) is on the opposite side of the same street.

One was his home and the other is his tomb and both are open for free to visit.

If you need more information about the same or description for the place or what else , please let me know

Enjoy your time

this place in cairo by the METRO station named SAAD Zglolo...when you get out of the station just in your right hand side.
for anything like this you can always go to google and search for yellow pages egypt, then search for the business you require.
Bayt el-Umma (House of the Nation):
Saad Zaghloul's residence was the meeting place for the Egyptian Wafd Party and the leaders of the 1919 Revolution. Hence comes the name of "House of the Nation".
It was Mrs. Zaghloul's will that this house be turned into a public museum, and so it was. The museum was opened to the public for the first time in 1956.
I've just made this place available through the web site, you can check it out here

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