Is it nice to go on a holiday in Ecuador?

Im considering going on a trip to Ecuador next year. I know they use US dollars there but is it still cheaper to spend there? How about compared to other South American countries?


Country: Ecuador


Hi Christopher, how are you doing?
Ecuador is really worth a visit, one of the main reasons is that, being a small vertical country, you can see various impressive natural environments and cultures (Andes, Amazon, Cloudforest, Coast and Galapagos) with very short transfers that, apart from Galapagos, can be easily done by bus or car.

Ecuador has developed a good tourist infrastructure, that means that you can find offers for any level, from budget to luxury. Generally speaking lodging, meals and transports are, on average, quite cheaper than the same level in USA or Europe.

Sorry but I have no data to compare Ecuador to other South American countries, but more or less I think that the above could apply.


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Dear Christopher F
I don’t know were are you from, Ecuador is a very safe country to visit and we have 3 different stages which are the coast, the sierra which is the mettle and the jungle, plus Galapagos islands. So you have different choices to travel an d see different and real nice sites.
The prices are much cheaper than some countries of S.A. and much more than USA or Europe.
If you want more information I will be glad to send you.
Fernando Cobo
Ecuador has more ecosystems than you can imagine. We have the best beaches in the South Pacific around our coastline, the beautiful Andes Mountains, the exotic Amazon Jungle and the Galapagos Islands, one of the wonders of the world.
The dollar is being used here for almost 10 years and prices have stayed within range.
Luis Gomez
You can divide South America in three groups:
1.- Brasil most expensive country.
2.- Ecuador, Argentina and Chile: intermediate. Eating in a restaurant here will be very similar than the average cost in the US.
3.- Colombia and Peru not expensive.
Hi Christopher, I agree with what all of the others have said. Probably the most important point is that it is easy to get around and not very expensive. Even internal flights are not that expensive. You will enjoy it. Douglas ,
Hi!!!! Yes, I can recommend yo come to visit Ecuador on Holidays. Another recommendation: do your reservations previously, because in holidays many people take vacations, travel through the country..... Our Holidays are very funny and we are very friendly people!!!!! You can find nice places and they are no expensives
Well, Ecuador is a beautiful country. Its small but we have 4 worlds in one: the coast, the highlands, amazonia and galapagos island, so you can cross from one region to other in few hours. For tourists, Ecuador is a good place, because food, transportation, hotels, are cheap. For example if you go to a very good restaurant, you will not spend more than 25 dollars per person, but of course yoou can find cheaper restaurants and good quality too. If you want to do shopping the prices are similar to US, and depending of the mall you go, the prices are higher.

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